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Dear Andalene,

Thank you so much for your visit today. You have turned our lives around in just 3 hours which my husband and I were a little sceptical about at first to be honest.

We are very very grateful we came across your contacts and people like you truly change families lives.

Kind regards,
Diana Latti

It was a great pleasure to have Andalene in our home. I was touched by her knowledge and desire to help us as a couple and a family. With a very caring and sensitive approach she managed to helped us find a new happier place as a couple and therefore a family.

“Things have been going really well… thanks to you! Honestly though, I am amazed at the improvement Cleo has made in listening since we have implemented the tools you provided. When Cleo began listening and completing our requests the first time it created space… space for fun, laughter, play, learning and affection.

Dear Andalene, We want to thank you, wholeheartedly, for helping Noah and Lia to learn about discipline and listening. Thank you for giving our freedom and confidence back, for making spending time with our children enjoyable! It is incredible how your single session has transformed both our children.

“The past 13 days have been like a different home. Especially with 7-year old Tracey. After struggling with her fear of the dark and sleeping alone for years, she has gone to bed every night a happy little girl and slept soundly all night. It’s so nice to see her thriving on the praise on being a good listener and not constantly being told off.

Ok, we’ll admit it…

We just used that headline to catch your attention, because we know all moms out there are trying to be that elusive ‘‘Supermom’’. More often than not, striving towards this type of perfection, actually just sees us ending up with ‘‘miserable cow syndrome’’

”I just wanted to report back that my son (2 1/2 years old) not only ate carrots, but also bathed without crying, and went to bed on his own without crying. He now sits at the table and understands what it means to listen. There’s no more screen time and that has really brought out a lot of personality and curiosity. I have a new child!”

Tantrum free

“We bought the book and took extensive notes at a seminar and WOW! Our home has been tantrum free for 11 days. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts… can’t wait for our in-home visit in a couple of weeks.” – Connor James
“Thanks so much to Andalene for providing us with the tools and understanding to teach our toddler how to be safe and happy. He was going through terrible twos a little early and it was easy to see that he was simply frustrated and needed some boundaries, but being super strong willed we weren’t sure where to start.

Wow wow wow!

Andalene, thank you for giving us the knowledge and tools to work with our 3-year old. It’s only been one day and the results are amazing. Wow wow wow is the only thing I can say! Lizaan van den Heever, Durbanville