My children rule the roost!
    How do I restore authority in my home?


    What is appropriate discipline?


    Diet? My child won’t eat anything!


    Tantrums, oh boy!


    What are age-appropriate incentives?


    How do I establish routines?


    My children fight all the time!


    Sleep is a distant dream.

Parent Coaching

Munchkins provides lasting results through a single session with one of our coaches. 

No child is born with boundaries and parents are often not equipped to enforce appropriate house rules. Would you like to set clear boundaries in your household? We offer creative ideas for discipline and help to eliminate shouting and guilt-based parenting. Click on one of the options below to find out how we can help.


Coaching at home

Coaching at home

Coaching at home

Home Visits

The duration of a home visit is approximately 3 hours and should preferably involve the entire family. Children must be present, preferably with both spouses (and/or any other primary caregivers so that everyone can be on the same page). This is however not imperative, if not possible. Andalene or a qualified Munchkins Parenting Coach will come to your home and engage with you in your normal home environment in order to assist and guide you with the dynamics in the areas that are of concern to you in your family.

These may be related to:

  • Sleeping problems and sleep training
  • Eating and diet-related problems
  • General discipline issues and disobedience
  • Tantrums
  • Establishing routine
  • Guidance in and understanding of differences in temperaments
  • Early detection of possible problem areas that may benefit a referral to a health professional, eg. Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Differing opinions between spouses on parenting styles
  • Together with all the issues related to the specific uniqueness and needs of each family

We work with children of all ages. From newborn babies, through to teenagers, offering tailor-made interventions for each stage, temperament and circumstance. Your family unit is unique and should be treated accordingly.


SA: Andalene Salvesen (aka Super Granny) R1 800.00 for 3 hours or R650 per hour | Qualified Munchkins Parenting Coaches: R1 600.00 for 3 hours or R600 per hour for less than 3 hours.

Dubai: Andalene Salvesen (aka Super Granny) aed1200 – business hours | AED1500 – weekends and after-hours (5pm slot)

Internationally (USA & Switzerland): $300 for a 3 hour home visit or its equivalent internationally.

Book a home visit now


• *Travel fees for home visits/coffee consults may apply, depending on where you are based.
• *Home visits and coffee consults specifically with Andalene are subject to her travels.
• *Please contact us if you require special payment terms or if you have any resulting queries.

Virtual visit via Skype

Virtual visit via Skype

Virtual visit via Skype

Virtual Home Visits

Too far for a home visit? Consider booking a virtual home visit with Andalene or one of our coaches via Skype. Spouses and children should be present as per a normal home visit and the webcam is used to observe and assist during the process of engagement. A virtual home visit  normally takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the circumstances and dynamics being addressed.


SA: Andalene Salvesen (aka Super Granny): R650 per hour | Qualified Munchkins Parenting Coaches: R600 per hour

Dubai: Andalene Salvesen (Big On Children’s Super Granny):  AED450 per hour

Other: $100 per hour and its equivalent internationally

Book a Skype Call


Meet with a coach

Meet with a coach

Meet with a coach

Coffee Consults

This is your chance for a heart to heart with your Munchkins coach. Let’s meet for coffee – just the grownups. A coffee consult usually takes only one hour, but can run longer on request. The consultation can be with one or both spouses (preferably both) but does not involve the children being present. The purpose of the consultation can be for addressing the same issues mentioned under home visits or any specific needs that you may wish to address. It can also serve as a follow up to a home visit.


SA: Andalene Salvesen (aka Super Granny): R650 per hour | Qualified Munchkins Parenting Coaches: R600 per hour

Dubai: Andalene Salvesen (Big On Children’s Super Granny):  AED450 per hour

Other: $100 per hour and its equivalent internationally

Book a Coffee Consult


•    *Travel fees for home visits/coffee consults may apply, depending on where you are based.
•    *Home visits and coffee consults specifically with Andalene are subject to her travels.
•    *Please contact us if you require special payment terms or if you have any resulting queries.

What parents are saying about Munchkins

  • Testimonial:  Confident and Happy Twins

    Testimonial: Confident and Happy Twins

    Andalene came to our home when our twins were about 18 months old.  I was exhausted and they were terrors.  They wouldn’t stay in bed, they would not sleep in the night, they wouldn’t listen to me, they bit each other, they pulled all the keys off my laptop (to list a few things…)

    Not only did Andalene give us the tools to put us back in the driver’s seat, she also showed us how much MORE we could expect from our children.  How much more capable they were than we had realised and how much they thrive on boundaries, consistency and discipline done in a calm and controlled environment.

    They are now confident and happy children that listen to me, eat and sleep well, play alone, play together and are a pleasure to be with.  They have their moments, but I know what to do and I KNOW we have peace in our home because of Super Granny, Andalene Salvesen.

    Kate Holbrook

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  • Testimonial: Timann Esterhuizen (Port Elizabeth)

    Testimonial: Timann Esterhuizen (Port Elizabeth)

    Dear Timann

    I can’t thank you enough!! I don’t know where to begin!!

    No.1 – for YOU!! Thank you for the wonderful, bubbly, energetic, motivated, positive woman that you are!! I am SO inspired!!  Seeing that our boys are of similar ages, I could totally relate to each story and totally understand and see why the methods you teach, works so so well!! You are AMAZING!!!

    No.2 – for the teaching!!  It has made SUCH a HUGE difference in Arthur – my 5-year old’s life!!  He is SUPER inspired by his Positive Pirate Pete Chart and strives to excel in his Listening Skills every day!! He is super proud and so encouraged, I am totally amazed at how he has improved and how excited he is now to listen to Mom!!  :-)  

    William, being the stronger extrovert, is more of a challenge! He is taking some time to catch onto his brother’s excitement, but he is getting the idea of consequences to bad behavior.  He is sleeping better, and like you said, not too keen on his “not so yummy milk” drink at night!

    Your advice and guidance has really hit a home run with me! I think the biggest was that I have the permission to parent! As a single parent, there are extra pressure and demands, and feelings of guilt some time, but I remember, that my children needs me to be a good parent! I also believe that God has placed me and my children right here where we are and has sent and placed His Warriors in my life to equip me with the strength and wisdom to raise these boys successfully. 

    We still have a LOT of fun, I think even more now, because it’s quicker and easier to get from fun and play mode to listen and do mode!! :-)

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I hope and pray that more parents see the value in the Munchkins work and make use thereof, it is life changing!!

    Lots of love and best wishes,


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  • Our little girl is a different person!

    Our little girl is a different person!

    I am so grateful to Timann. She has brought sanity to my household all the way in Dubai via technology-based consults, and just in time before our second baby is born in 6 weeks!

    My 2.5-year-old was sleeping in the bed with my husband and me, and none of us could get a proper night’s rest no matter what we tried. Timann’s sleep training and discipline techniques for constant tantrums have made such a huge difference and contributed to a much happier household! I feel equipped to handle difficult situations with my toddler now.

    Our little girl is now a different person now that she’s getting a solid nights rest and I even have to wake her in the mornings!!

    I definitely recommend getting in touch with Timann no matter where you are in the world, she will be able to help you and your family!

    Amy Heath

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  • Home Visit Testimonial

    Home Visit Testimonial

    Home Visit: Coach Timann Esterhuizen (Port Elizabeth)

    Dearest Timann,

    Where to begin:

    I can’t believe I have taken so long to contact you and request a home visit.

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  • You have honestly changed our lives (5-star Facebook review)

    Munchkins / Celeste – there are no words to explain how grateful our family is for having met you. You have honestly changed our lives.

    Yes, I was one of those moms that had a 1-year old that needed rocking to sleep and he would wake up throughout the night, sometimes as bad as every hour! I just always put it down to my son being a terrible sleeper. With an entire year of not sleeping, we hit rock bottom. Then my friend introduced me to Munchkins and we met Celeste, this amazing, calm, reassuring, supportive and knowledgeable women (who I basically want to raise my children). She told me there were no such thing as a bad sleeper and she was right. Celeste came in and spent over 3 hours with us and gave us all the tools we needed to implement good sleeping habits as well as discipline techniques for my very independent child. She did the first nap with us and supported me throughout. I was very nervous about sleep training and the idea of my child crying but I promise you, he cried for maybe a total of 4 minutes (and clearly just angry about the whole thing) and he realised things had shifted. It’s now night 3, I’ve just put my baby in his cot, kissed him goodnight and walked out the room and NOT ONE SINGLE PEEP out of him. My child is happier, more patient, calmer, sleeping in later, loving his cot and bedtime. He is like a totally different child. I honestly can’t believe it. Seriously, don’t wait! Get Munchkins in immediately. They are my sleep angels.

    – Taryn Lambert 

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  • 5-Star Facebook Review

    “Thank you for your incredible wealth of knowledge – you are amazing! Best thing you can do is give Celeste a call to help establish health in your family while raising children! Thank you for helping Juliette go to sleep easily, listen to our instruction and enjoy the daily “must do’s.” Her love tank is full, and her frustration is limited as we have been equipped with tools to make us a happy family!” – Crystal Dörr

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  • Thank you so much for your visit

    Dear Andalene,

    Thank you so much for your visit today. You have turned our lives around in just 3 hours which my husband and I were a little sceptical about at first to be honest.

    We are very very grateful we came across your contacts and people like you truly change families lives.

    Kind regards,
    Diana Latti

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  • It was a great pleasure to have Andalene in our home

    It was a great pleasure to have Andalene in our home. I was touched by her knowledge and desire to help us as a couple and a family. With a very caring and sensitive approach she managed to helped us find a new happier place as a couple and therefore a family.

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  • It was a complete life changer

    We thoroughly enjoyed Andalene’s visit last week and my husband said it best “In our family, time will now be measured by life before Super Granny and life after Super Granny.” It was a complete life changer.

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  • Everything is different!

    “I can’t thank you enough! Our household is so different; like night and day. I feel like I have my power back and that we are back in to the right pecking order, mommy and daddy in charge. Today at the homeschool co-op we go to

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  • We are so grateful for your visit!

    Aloha Andalene!

    We are so grateful for your visit! Home life has been amazing! My kids aren’t angels but what a change it’s been. We have control and some days we don’t even have to do timeout because they’re obedient. Even Zion’s preschool teachers have noticed a huge change and they’re very interested in meeting with you. I will definitely share that you’re coming back in August! Thank you so much!

    Nalani – Hawaii

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  • Thank You, Super Granny!


    We are a happier family thanks to Super granny. She helped us to set healthy boundaries and expectations which are the paramount to this transformation. We no longer repeat ourselves and no longer need to sleep with them. No more wars in the morning and night time routines! Most importantly kids are happier than ever. She enlightened us with valuable skills that bought our family more joy and peace. Thank you , Super Granny ! 


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  • I would highly recommend giving Andalene a chance

    Hi Andalene

    We booked super granny after hearing some great recommendations from friends. We have a 7 year old son who was terrified of the dark and always ended up in our bed during the night. As time progressed, he ended up spending more time in our bed than his despite the numerous night lights left in his room. It got to the stage where we didn’t have a proper night sleep for a long long time. Andalene can in and talked to our son and explained that he needed to change and sleep in his bed and provided him the confidence that meant for the 1st time in years, he slept in a dark room in his bed. He woke a few times during the night after the first night but went back to his bed without the usual fight and tears. She explained that his nighttime habits were a continuation of his daytime habits and he is now confident and happy and proud that he is sleeping though in his own room. I would highly recommend giving Andalene a chance to solve your kids problems….

    Michael & Laura

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  • I can’t recommend Andalene highly enough!

    She has helped us with our son twice now and both times we have been blown away by the difference in our son afterwards. He is sleeping through again AND having day time naps, eating all his food without a fight and listening to all our instructions brilliantly. He is thriving!

    Thank you so much, Andalene.

    Jenna Louise Alheit

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  • I wanted advice on sleeping, but go so much more than that!

    ‘‘A huge thank you to Celeste (Rushby) for coming through to see us. It was so wonderful to have her visit. She is extremely knowledgeable. I wanted advice on sleeping, but I got so much more than that!  She really made a special effort to be there on time for our little girl’s first nap (even though it was earlier
    than expected).

    I have recommended her to friends already!”

    Joss van der Walt

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  • Professional, knowledgeable, energetic and caring

    ‘’We were very happy with our session on Wednesday. We found Celeste very professional, knowledgeable, energetic and caring. We will definitely do a follow-up session in 6 months’ time and I’ve already passed Celeste’s number onto a friend and colleague of mine.’’ Dr Michelle Long

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  • Happy Mom, Happy Baby

    You think as a mom it will come naturally but everyone needs guidance and advice just makes you a better mom. With the help of Munchkins, my baby is sleeping and happy, making me feel in control and empowered for the first time since he was born. I’m only on day 3 and the change is drastic. Happy mom, happy baby. Loving motherhood even more now. Thank you!

    – Julia

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  • Our son is back to being a happy little boy!

    My husband and I were blown away by the magic of Andalene! It’s been a week since her visit and our son is back to being a happy little boy that we can enjoy together as a family!

    Mary, Dubai

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  • I really enjoy being with my kids now

    Dear Andalene,

    I would like to express the gratitude I feel for the peace that now pervades our household. It’s only been a week since Andalene’s visit but I cannot aptly express the degree to which it has changed me, my husband, our kids and their attitude towards us and each other, as well as the dynamic that exists between all of us.

    I had reached a point where I honestly felt it was better someone else raise my kids (not that I ever would have done that) but the exasperation at knowing they only played up with us and not others (grandparents, aunties, friends) left me knowing we weren’t getting it right and didn’t know what to do to make it right. I literally dreaded coming home knowing the chaos that usually ensued and couldn’t wait to crawl into bed for it was only time I felt really peaceful.

    A week later, I now remember and am experiencing what it’s like to REALLY enjoy being with my kids. The daily routines are now so tranquil that I don’t dread them and I now have the space to have fun with them – not all our time is taken up with asking 10 times or nagging and getting frustrated and angry. I realize that a lot of what my boys were playing out was a reaction to our stress levels as parents for not knowing how correctly to place the boundaries – it becomes a vicious cycle.

    I also notice that a feeling of general tiredness and lack of “oomph” has alleviated and I didn’t even realize a lot of it was directly related to the stress I felt in the home environment. I know it’s early days and know we need to keep up what we’ve learned but for now, the greatest expression of thanks.

    With love,
    Claire (& Franko, Luc & Rourke)

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  • This has made such a huge difference in our lives

    I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Celeste and provide some feedback on our consult. We met with Celeste a few weeks back for a 3-hour home visit, to chat to her about the struggles we were experiencing around sleep with our 13-month old. We got SO much more advice than we were expecting, and have been so surprised at the amazing results.

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  • It brought peace into our home

    “Things have been going really well… thanks to you! Honestly though, I am amazed at the improvement Cleo has made in listening since we have implemented the tools you provided. When Cleo began listening and completing our requests the first time it created space… space for fun, laughter, play, learning and affection.

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  • We have our freedom back

    Dear Andalene, We want to thank you, wholeheartedly, for helping Noah and Lia to learn about discipline and listening. Thank you for giving our freedom and confidence back, for making spending time with our children enjoyable! It is incredible how your single session has transformed both our children.

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  • She is thriving

    “The past 13 days have been like a different home. Especially with 7-year old Tracey. After struggling with her fear of the dark and sleeping alone for years, she has gone to bed every night a happy little girl and slept soundly all night. It’s so nice to see her thriving on the praise on being a good listener and not constantly being told off.

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  • I have a new child!

    ”I just wanted to report back that my son (2 1/2 years old) not only ate carrots, but also bathed without crying, and went to bed on his own without crying. He now sits at the table and understands what it means to listen. There’s no more screen time and that has really brought out a lot of personality and curiosity. I have a new child!”

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  • Tantrum free

    “We bought the book and took extensive notes at a seminar and WOW! Our home has been tantrum free for 11 days. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts… can’t wait for our in-home visit in a couple of weeks.” – Connor James

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  • Thank you for giving us the tools

    “Thanks so much to Andalene for providing us with the tools and understanding to teach our toddler how to be safe and happy. He was going through terrible twos a little early and it was easy to see that he was simply frustrated and needed some boundaries, but being super strong willed we weren’t sure where to start.

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  • Wow wow wow!

    Andalene, thank you for giving us the knowledge and tools to work with our 3-year old. It’s only been one day and the results are amazing. Wow wow wow is the only thing I can say! Lizaan van den Heever, Durbanville

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  • Super Granny has revolutionised our household!

    Thank you, thank you Andalene! (Super Granny)! You have revolutionised our household. My three boys (ages 2, 5 and 8 years old) have been happily in bed and asleep by 7.45 since our Super Granny visit 8 days ago. Not only are our children sleeping better, but she has changed the way we eat! Since removing grains and dairy from the children’s diet my 5-year old, who has always had terrible hay fever and a constantly streaming or blocked nose hasn’t had to blow his nose for days and doesn’t sound nasal for the first time in his life. The boys have been playing together more contentedly (no more temper tantrums and fights) and have gone from watching TV whenever they feel like it to preferring to play with each other! I am amazed, as never thought my children could play so peacefully together! And there is more: My 2-year old has gone from having his dummy constantly in his mouth to leaving it on his pillow by himself when he wakes in the morning and only having it again for sleeping time! He also no longer shrieks at the top of his lungs whenever he needs something or doesn’t get something that he wants thanks to Super Granny’s ‘time out’ technique! I feel empowered! You are my Super Hero Andalene! Thank you again! India Riley, Eastern Cape

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  • A game changer!

    I’ve invited Super Granny to my house twice now to help me with my toddler, and WOW, is it a game changer! It can be a little nerve wracking having someone in your home to help with discipline and obedience, but after a few hours, you feel like you’re on top of things again! I can’t recommend her highly enough!

    Thank you! Leslie

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  • Our world was put right!

    “Big On Children’s Super Granny (Andalene Salvasen) is the Founder/Owner of Munchkins and the person who comes to your home to help you learn how to manage your family situation better.   She can respond to a specific crisis or just assist in fine tuning family dynamics so that everyone is happy, balanced and in control.

    She deals with children from 0 up to their mid teens and has decades of on-the-job experience.   Her advice is practical and hugely impactful.   She is very good at assessing the root causes of behavioural issues and working on remedies so that you, as the parent, can generate immediate and sustainable results.

    I was nervous about using Andalene for our most recent parenting crisis, as we were still unclear at that stage whether our six-year old had an anxiety or medical issue, and we were very upfront with her about our reservations in this regard.

    As it turned out, there had been a lot of recent changes in his world from his perspective and he just needed really clear boundaries to help him feel safe and secure.   Our world was immediately put right with Andalene’s coaching and guidance. We will undoubtedly use her as a regular resource to keep the family on the straight and narrow.

    With our deepest gratitude,”

    Heather, Dubai UAE

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  • Not only surprised and satisfied…

    “Words are not enough to thank Andalene! Such a beautiful gift she owns, wonderful job!!! She became very special for us! Super Granny came last weekend! I knew it that we’d be surprised and satisfied….but not only that, we’re so pleased, equipped, extremely thankful and happy!

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  • It works every time!

    I book a home visit with Andalene every time she is in Dubai – it is a must!  There is always something that has happened that I need help with. My son looks forward to ‘Super Granny’ coming now which really does remind us that routine and discipline is what children really want themselves too! Laetitia Tregoning

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  • 5 Star Facebook Review!

    “I have used Andalene twice now and both times I’ve experienced amazing results. The guidance and advice received is invaluable and certainly helps with keeping me as a Mum, sane. It is more mum and dad in training than the kids and once we know what we’re doing, with confidence and intent, it’s so much easier for our baba to respond in a positive way. Its awesome to see.

    All I want, is to raise a confident, kind and thoughtful little person and with Andalene’s help, we are certainly on the right track!

    Thanks Andalene!”

    Heidi Sasman

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  • Skype success

    Please pass on my immense gratitude and thanks to Andalene. She is an angel on earth. I have my 7 year old daughter sleeping in her own bed, falling asleep on her own on the first try. I didn’t think I was capable – never mind her! I will certainly book more regularly. Thank you also for setting up the (Skype) appointment so seamlessly.

    – Tracy

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  • Transforming lives!

    “I just want to say thank you. THANK YOU, so much for your help with Elizabeth! It is like she is a different child altogether. Before our session I was starting to dread leaving the house with her for fear of tantrums and her running away from me. She now knows exactly where the boundaries are and she and our family are much happier! Your guidance on breaking the thumb sucking habit has been fantastic. She has stopped sucking her thumb within a couple of days. Thank you for all the tools you equipped me with. Your passion for transforming lives are so evident in all that you do.”

    – Annemarie Roberts

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  • I could write a book!

    THANK YOU! Your visit to our home a month ago has left a lasting impression. Brandon has made a drastic change. Finally I have a solid 3-4 weeks of no bad reports. In fact his teacher personally told me how proud she was of him. At home we are having the same experience with a great turn around. He has taken to the new “time out” wonderfully. He goes without complaint and remains on the toilet until time is up. We have made changes to his diet (all of ours actually) like you suggested and now it’s been easier to do consistently. No wheat, dairy and very limited sugar (We love using Honey as our sugar substitute!). Joshua is eating his food, overall, much better and loves asparagus! Time-outs can be a bit trying but are few and far between… he is pretty easy still.

    Your hand signal to not interrupt has worked magic! They get it right away and it has worked since you used it. It has created a level of respect too. Also getting them ready for the day when they wake up instead of before we leave the house has also made my mornings much smoother and hectic free. Who knew such a simple change could make such a big impact?

    Andalene, thank you for your visit which was genuinely from your heart. I will always be grateful and it will never be taken for granted. We have revamped our refrigerator and pantry with better options which has also led to me losing 7 pounds from the change!

    Sincerely your fan!

    – Leandra

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  • We are seeing the benefits each day!

    “Andalene was my last port of call when I needed help with my 10 year old, who after some problems at school had become angry and aggressive at home.

    I so wish I had known about Andalene earlier, the three hours she spent with us were invaluable not only for my 10 year old but our other two children too, me and my husband felt like a weight had been lifted immediately. We regained calm in our home after just one visit. Andalene has also given me continued support via email and lots more information over the phone when she called to follow up after her visit.

    While it has been quite hard work removing all of the bad habits we had slipped into and implementing new house rules, we are seeing the benefits each day now. All of our children seem calmer, happier. Long may it last! Thank you Andalene!”

    – Elaine

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  • A Blessing in the USA!

    “Thanks again for sharing Super Granny while she was here in Arizona! She was a HUGE blessing to me and to our family. I know we will be reaping the fruits of her time here for a long time.”

    – Nika

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  • Super Granny shines again!

    Just a big thank you from us – it was lovely meeting with Andalene. Her approach is extremely natural – as parents we tend to want to protect our kids from anything that is foreign and does not sit comfortable with us. But Andalene’s advice is practical, it is “soft” on the kids (whilst being hugely effective) and easy to accept (by parents and kids) and to implement. Looking forward to meeting with her again once we are faced with the challenges of a new age group!

    – Annelene Dippenaar

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  • What a life changer!

    “Just wanted to say many thanks for your help the other day. From that day on wards Pixie (20 months) has never refused the high chair and has tried lots of new foods and eaten breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with enthusiasm!!!! What a life changer. Pixie is notably happier/ less ‘whingey’ throughout the day and so am I for that matter! It feels like the first time I’ve actually enjoyed being a parent, if I’m honest. Thank you again.”

    – Philipa

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  • “But it just keeps getting better”

    “I felt like Super Granny had cast a spell on my house and it would eventually wear off. But it just keeps getting better. The boys are still themselves in every possible way – but better behaved, calmer, and actually a lot happier. And most notably, they have slept through the night for 4 nights since she visited. Incredible.”

    – Louise

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  • “It has made a huge impact with our son”

    ’We were pleased to welcome Super Granny into our home. She made us feel at ease and relaxed regarding the session with our son. Super Granny showed us how to effectively use tools which hadn’t worked previously for us. She took into consideration the needs and dynamics of our family. We have put into practice what was recommended during the session and it has made a huge impact with our son.

    He has the confidence to try a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables which we always struggled with, actively listens and has let go of his night pacifier. This has made a huge difference for us as a family and our little boy who is growing up to be both happier & healthier. Thank you!’’

    – Pete, Sam, Arthur & Ana Heredia

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  • “I felt empowered that I can do this ‘’mom thing’’

    “I wanted you to know how much I appreciated Super Granny’s talk on Eating, Sleeping and Tantrum problems. I am a first-time mom and having heard her advice has reassured me that I am actually a good mom. I always have this thing in my head that I am a “bad mom” for clipping my son’s nails the wrong way, to giving him rashes due to my love of yoghurt (yes, I am breastfeeding). With Super Granny, I felt empowered that I can do this ‘’mom thing’’ for sure! So I really hope to hear more from her!’’

    – Quelly Bailey

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  • “Our home is the most peaceful it has been EVER!”

    “Our home is the most peaceful it has been EVER! Obviously we have to continue to be consistent and put in the hard work to ensure it lasts but so far it has changed our lives. Our boys are SO happy. I did a time-out with our 3-year old when Andalene left and when he sat down to eat and I told him he was listening too nicely, he beamed at me and said “mommy I am so happy!” I have NEVER heard that out of my little boy’s mouth before. All I have to say now is “you aren’t listening” and he quickly says “sorry mom!” and does what he was told or asked to do. He went to bed in his own bed last night and was asleep by 8pm. He got out of bed once before that but again I just said “you aren’t listening, go back to your bed” and he did just that! Usually he is up 20 times and gets to sleep some time after 10pm!..

    – Leigh Hirsch

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  • “He actually scoffed down 3 servings of broccoli and cauliflower”

    …My 9-year old said to me last night while I was cooking “mom, I am SO happy Super Granny came here because now I can live a good life”. Silly little nana haha! But the children are saying things that are so positive. AND for the first time last night he ate veggies on his plate that he would NEVER even have looked at before no matter how we tried. He actually scoffed down 3 servings of broccoli and cauliflower. We almost fell off our chairs in disbelief!..

    – Leigh Hirsch

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  • “The most amazing experience ever”

    …Yesterday morning was the first morning in a year that I dropped my 3-year old at crèche and he didn’t even realise I had left when I put his bag down. Usually he holds on to me and it’s such a drama saying goodbye, but I went to put his bag down and before I could even blink an eyelid he ran to his friends on the mat with a huge smile on his face and sat down to play. I said goodbye twice and he didn’t even notice. I could just see he felt secure and so much happier so it was ok that mom left him at school. Usually we scream at each other all the way to school and it’s so miserable and so he clings to me because he wants love from me.

    The most amazing experience ever and we are so thankful for the help and guidance.”

    – Leigh Hirsch

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  • Life changing

    “The few hours Andalene spent with us were actually life changing. Our main issue was getting the twins to stay in their beds at night. Now, 6 nights since her visit they have gone to bed, stayed in bed and slept for 12 hours, with the door just pulled too. It’s truly is a miracle! I’m still waiting to wake up from this dream!”

    – Emily Gregory

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  • “I am still speechless”

    “Andalene came for a home visit today to our place and I can’t put into words how happy and relieved I am now! So many things “clicked” and all of a sudden made sense. I have 2-year old twins and sometimes felt that in fact they are running the household rather than me and helplessness and frustration overwhelmed me. Although I am a psychologist myself and so know everything about conditioning (even teach this every semester to my students) I was unable to apply it to my own children. But today with. Andalene’s help and expertise it really worked! Amazing! I am still speechless! Thank YOU Andalene! Sooo much!!!”

    – Sabrina, Psychologist

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  • “She is absolutely correct!”

    I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for allowing Super Granny to come to CAS and speak with our parents. Her presentation was short, sweet and straight to the point. I liked how she stated “relationship without rules causes confusion.” She is absolutely correct! I look forward to her coming again. Thank you for all you do!

    – Aliage, EC/ES Counselor, CAS

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  • I could have listened to her for hours

    I loved meeting Super Granny at the Cambridge Nursery! She has a wonderful way of really making you THINK about and review your own parenting style! I could have listened to her for hours.

    Thanks for the talk and the info! We will add info to our facebook page.

    – Natasha

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  • The kids have been a bliss ever since

    “Super Granny came to our house as we were having “listening” issues with our three small sons. After a few hours Super Granny said her goodbye – and the kids have been a bliss ever since. It’s a very simple yet very effective way of dealing with things and everyone can be in – you don’t need special skills or have to be a certain type of mom. Order a home visit and the days of shouting at your kids are over.”

    – Camilla Fuhr Nilsson

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  • Happy Parenting

    After attending several seminars of Super Granny and listening to the CD’s I bought from her, I was very excited to finally invite her to our house. We thought our kids did not really have problems, but I wanted her to have a look at them playing together and getting some tips for the youngest waking up at night 6 times. Its been 3 days since Super Granny visited us and we are pleasantly surprised: Our boy sleeps better, he wakes up 3 times at night but brings himself back to sleep again. Our girl is a good listener now and leaves her toy in the bed at all times. I hope that all parents will invest in inviting Super Granny over. You don’t need to have problems at home before asking her to help out. We are proof that she can spot bad behaviour and turn “good” kids into even better kids. If we spend time and money on cooking classes and tennis classes, why not also invest in parenting classes? Its all making life so much easier!

    Happy parenting!

    – Rachel

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  • Grateful for excellent results

    “We would like to say a big thank you to Andalene. The home session was extremely helpful and we are grateful for the excellent results. We look forward to seeing her soon during one of her talks.”

    – Alexandra and Matthew

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  • Effective time outs

    “I am eternally grateful for Andalene’s help and wisdom. She has helped me to master effective time outs with my eldest son. The biggest gift she gave me with her most recent visit was showing my husband how to master effective time outs and showing us how to work as a team. My eldest is now without a dummy and my youngest without night feeds. The icing on the cake, is that we are back in control and the boys know and respect this. Thank you Andalene!”

    – Alexia Bunn

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  • Prolonged progress

    “Thank you for the home visit, your expertise and support. You explained your methods to help us understand the reasons why we are trying to support our son for his benefit. We have continued to follow your guidance and it is working well for our family. We know we have to listen carefully and maintain it for prolonged progress!”

    – Jillian Reilly

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  • Practical advice

    Andalene has so many years of wisdom and shares her expertise in a delightful way. I wish more parents would consider frequent parenting courses or at the very least just a handful. No one is born a qualified or competent parent but parenting certainly deserves a conscious effort and so do our children! Considering how many hours people spend in the gym, socialising or getting qualified for a job it’s quite shocking to me that many people in Dubai don’t take the job of properly raising human beings seriously.

    I absolutely feel like I benefit greatly from these talks and very grateful for the practical advice.

    – Rhelda Arvidsson

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  • Parenting wisdom

    The Super Granny session was full of parenting wisdom and practical tips. I already applied what I learned yesterday at home and am considering a home visit to bridge the gap between ‘understanding’ and ‘real practice’. I look forward to the sessions in the coming weeks!

    – Erika Chang

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  • Well worth a listen to!

    “Munchkins’ refreshingly practical and logical approach to parenting, while radical for some, rings true with many parents. Well worth a listen to! Don’t pass up the opportunity to hear Andalene speak or attend her courses!”

    – Helen Temple, International School of Cape Town

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  • A massive thanks again

    “I just want to send an email again of massive THANKS, I cannot believe the environment at home after Andalene visited, it is truly amazing, even the adults are behaving and waiting their turn to talk ;)

    Please let me know when she is back in the Eastern Cape! Wish we had her living close by! I feel like I am preaching the gospel to all the parents when they ask me about “Super Granny”

    – Leanne van der Merwe

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  • Super duper cool

    Thanks for the tips yesterday at Willow Academy. I think I needed the training because my 4-year old fell straight into it. She even initiates chill time. Super duper cool! God bless you!

    – Cindy

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  • I really enjoyed the workshop

    I was really sad I missed the first talk. I really enjoyed the workshop, very informative and fun. I hope you’ll visit Grahamstown again soon, because I would love a home visit when you’re back in the area

    – Petra

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  • Andalene’s advice was practical and very helpful

    Andalene did a fundraising talk at our school and her reputation certainly preceded her – it was sold out faster than any other talk we have held! And we were not disappointed! Andalene has a wealth of knowledge and a fantastic sense of humour, which makes everyone feel more comfortable when dealing with this scary journey of parenting. Her methods may not all be for everyone but like anything in life, you take bits and pieces and apply them to your way of doing things. I am a mom of 2 boys, aged 6 and 9 and really took home some good tips which I implemented and with a little persistence and consistency, they really really worked! Andalene’s advice was practical and very helpful and we thoroughly recommend her talks.

    – Dani Janks, Head of PTA Alon Ashel Pre Primary School

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  • Super Granny stole all our bad manners yesterday

    This is such a testimony for booking a home visit by Andalene (Super Granny): The morning after our visit from Super Granny, all the kids were sitting at the table quietly eating. Abby (7 years old) pipes up: “You know what Aunty Leanne? I think Super Granny stole all our bad manners yesterday!”

    – Leanne van der Merwe

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  • It was incredibly helpful

    The session was absolutely brilliant – we found it incredibly insightful and informative.

    Please relay the message to Andalene (and I am sure she will not be surprised in the least) but Sophie went to sleep last night for the first time on time, in about a year, in her own bed with no bottle and no parent and fell fast asleep on her own!! She woke up at 6h30 this morning – absolutely astounding!!

    Thanks for the session – it was incredibly helpful.

    – Suzie

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  • Riley is eating lots of veggies

    Riley is eating lots of veggies….actually ate a small tub full of peppers on the way to a birthday party on Friday! We have taken a lot of wheat out of his diet too and his bowel movement does seem better. Other than one small accident a few weeks ago things have improved drastically…..and this is with the reward chart too (he just got back from the skate park with my husband as that was the big prize!).

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  • The kids are doing great

    All has been well, the kids are doing great the bed routine is working like a charm. I think it has been harder on me to sustain the new style, but I have seen what the results look like and would like to keep that up. The reward charts have been very popular and help us bond even more, my little one finally reached to the first rewards this weekend so i took her out on a Kirsty and mumy day out, she told everyone about it:)

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  • Happy little girl

    The past 13 days have been like a different home. Especially with 7 year old Tracey. After struggling with her fear of the dark and sleeping alone for years, she has gone to bed every night a happy little girl and slept all soundly all night. It’s so nice to see her thriving on the praise on being a good listener and not constantly being told off. I’ve not raised my voice once since your visit.

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  • I am very happy and thankful

    I really want to thank you for visiting us yesterday evening. I truly appreciate it and I am very happy and thankful for what both Teya and I have learnt.

    Teya slept through the whole night in her bed and woke up at 6am by herself. We had breakfast together (eggs) at the table and she tried a radish for the first time:). She got dressed, she put her shoes on and brushed her teeth all alone.

    Looking forward to see you in a couple of month

    – Micha

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  • I can’t thank you enough

    Dads testimonials (talk for dads) “All of us guys are friends – it’s like Desperate Housewives here – we were all very sceptical about coming, but you have really taught us so much in one evening. It was a real eye opener. I think you should make it compulsory for the dads to join in. It was amazing” After a home visit from a dad: “I can’t believe you just walked into our lives and changed everything in 3 hours! I can’t thank you enough.”

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  • I’m sure the words “you’re not listening” have hypnotic power!

    Hi Andalene, I have stuck with the time outs, the incentive chart and it’s like MAGIC! We had our first time out at 645am. Everything inside me was saying no! I didn’t want to start the day like that but i’m so glad i stuck to my guns. The boys ate lunch beautifully at the table, nap time happened without a fight. Dummies were willingly left in their beds (aside from a brief time out), all 3 the kids played nicely alone while I had time alone with each one of them, bedrooms and playroom were tidied, 2 of the 3 tried red capsicums and gobbled the lot down!!! I could go on, but basically it was a fab afternoon. My mother came over and commented on the change. Ayahs made it to her first treat on her incentive chart already (need to slow it down a bit now!) but so proud of her because I’ve seen her visibly seek positive attention as opposed to negative attention. Sitting around the dinner table having a chat and a giggle whilst gobbling up tomatoes (TOMATOES!!!) was amazing! No yelling, no bribing, no caving in. I’m sure the words “you’re not listening” have hypnotic power hahaha! Thank you so so much! Onwards and upwards! Best wishes

    – Maha

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  • Order is restored!

    Hi Celeste

    Thank you so much for checking in. We are all doing wonderfully thanks. We have really embraced the principles and they have worked wonders. We have ‘Good Attitude’ jars, ‘Big Girl’ jars and the Princess Chart(Tammah heard you talking about the Big Girl jar, so she requested that one). Currently we have many days without even 1 timeout….and when we do have them, they are quick and calm and the order is restored! I am calmer, Tammah is calmer and we have reclaimed our happy, peaceful environment.


    – Tania

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  • Our lives changed

    Hallo Andalene

    Words fail us when trying to attempt to thank you for your assistance in helping us to sleep train our little one. Our lives changed!!

    Thanks once again for your precious time!

    Kindest regards

    – Lené Janse van Rensburg

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  • The transformation is amazing!

    I want to say THANK YOU!!! It was the best christmas present I could ever have wished for my family!!!

    The transformation is amazing! I really cannot thank her enough. We are still in shock … We cannot believe how different our little girl is. A whole 360 deg change, its like she is a different child, and such an absolute pleasure!

    I would recommend this to every family, it really is life changing and worth every penny!

    Kind Regard

    – Marcelle Meyeridricks-Reinecke

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  • I thought the talk was fantastic

    Hi Andelene,

    I was at your talk on Saturday afternoon.

    I thought the talk was fantastic! I’m all inspired and ready to start us all on a new eating plan and disciplinary rules! What was that quick and easy sweet recipe for kids – sorry I should’ve written it down at the talk!!

    It sounds like you are a very busy lady, so I will be extremely grateful if you could answer my questions. I would love you to come visit us on the farm one day!! And perhaps convert all the farmers eating habits – there is so much cancer around!!!

    Take care. Regards,

    – Claire

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  • Testimonial for the Online Parenting Course

    Hi Andalene. I am loving it! It is so interesting and I am now applying a lot of what I’m learning at my DayCare and its working!! After only 2 weeks into the course!

    – Lyn

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  • Catch them being good

    An interview with Munchkins coach – Celeste Rushby. http://iono.fm/e/96041

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  • Only half way through it and what a difference

    In my desperation I got Andalene’s latest book. Wow, only half way through it and what a difference!

    I will definitely be attending her talk @ Lorraine, can’t wait. In the meantime we’ve made such good progress with the book we’re actually coping for the first time in forever!

    Thank you

    – Tracy Cantor

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  • Transforming our lives

    I just wanted to say thank you for transforming our lives! I was really at the end of my tether with Ethan’s bad sleep and Jess’ bad attitude but since you came we are in a much better space. Ethan has gone from being in our bed and attached to me all night to pretty much sleeping through. Yesterday he slept from 6.30 till 5.45 without a peep! Today he woke at 4.30 and refused to go back to sleep but at least I got sleep till then. I’m sure he will settle into a routine soon, after you came he had an ear infection for 3 weeks so it has taken time to get the mornings right. I have also just given up breastfeeding (finally!) so we’ve had a lot of change. Jess has been amazing, she is now daddy’s little girl! From not allowing him to do anything, she now asks for him to put her to bed and do stuff for her :) Their relationship has changed completely and they now have a true bond which I thought would never be possible. We still get some bad attitude occasionally but we rarely need to put her in timeout anymore. Your guidance gave us the confidence to be parents who our children respect and love and this will stay with us forever Thank you again!

    – Angela, Wayne, Jessica and Ethan

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  • Completely express my gratitude

    I can never completely express my gratitude to Andalene for the change she’s brought about in me and in my house. But I’m pretty sure she understands when I say that I simply LOVE being with my kids these days.

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  • I have not had to raise my voice once

    Since that evening, now a week ago, I have not had to raise my voice once (!) in trying to communicate something – whether it be an instruction or just something that I wanted to share – with them. Sara’s attitude has changed so much – in the way she communicates with me and with her little brothers (she now refers to them as her ‘my darling brothers’ – too precious). I am given more hugs and kisses each day, and less lip. George still remains the challenge but will come around soon. Possibly, the biggest change has been mommy’s attitude … Before, the kids were in charge and determined how the day would go. Now, I feel a strange empowerment – almost as if it’s always been there, just hidden under lots of insecurity. As if this whole episode wasn’t enough, Andalene shared an even bigger jewel with me that evening – she taught Sara to drink water. To some, this may seem like a small and insignificant thing, but for us, it was huge. Sara was a poor drinker from birth – drinking only when she felt like it, never conforming to anything I read (and I read extensively!!). I introduced water to her at a very young age, but she simply never wanted to drink it. I tried a hard-lined approach when she was about nine months old – refusing to give her anything else unless she drinks the water. But she won – as she simply didn’t drink. In the following months and year, and due to her poor drinking habits, she easily dehydrated when she had high fever, resulting in frequent hospital visits. After teaching Sara in 30 minutes to drink half a glass of water, she has since taken up the habit, and now asks me at times for her water (!). She’s still not drinking buckets full, but to me, this is pretty close and I’m really proud of her. We’ve decided to use Andalene’s reward chart as a water-chart this first time and the little princess is swiftly on her way to a visit to Butterfly World (Sara’s favourite place). As a rule we have taken all juice out of the equation and are only giving the kids water to drink – for school and at lunch/dinner time. The boys have already forgotten the juice and heartily drink the water out of very special panda cups.

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  • Instruction was to be heard and obeyed

    I’m the lucky mom of three toddlers – my daughter, Sara, is three- and-a-half years old; while my twin boys, George and Steven, turned two years in June. Life’s been unexpected, hectic, crazy, frustrating and the most happiness I have ever known to experience. With the boys turning two, everyday life however, started spinning out of control. In general all three kids are pretty well-behaved (considering …), but dealing with the dynamics of three kids under four years was exhausting. My husband and I tried every trick we heard of, but nothing seemed to work. Some (most) days I fell asleep crying, because I had simply screamed at them all day long. At some stage I kind of gave up, and left my husband to deal with them. The biggest concern was that the boys have ‘discovered’ tantrums, and that my big girl, halfway to four years, regressed and modelled her own behaviour accordingly! Furthermore, George, was such a ‘tough little guy’ that he wouldn’t budge … never giving in, not wanting to say he’s sorry, and finally resorting to biting his brother! As he didn’t even flinch under my discipline, I was left to wait for my husband to come home and dole out the discipline. I had heard of Andalene and her seminars at our church (DFC), but I think a part of me didn’t think it possible that one person could change such a ‘out of control’ situation in one evening! How wrong I was … Andalene came for a home visit on the 17th of August, and our lives have not been the same since. After about a 30-minute assessment of our situation, she calmly explained how she was going to teach us and the kids that one instruction was to be heard and obeyed. Both my husband and I were sceptical, but had nothing to lose by trying. She left our house that evening after spending three-and-a-half hours with us. During that time, at least Sara and Steven quickly learned to react immediately to the instruction given – George, well, I always said he was the challenge! – he took a bit longer, but did grasp it.

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  • She listens

    Thanks again! I had a parent meeting last night to find out how things have been the past week. The teacher said she did not have to remove her from any group this past week so far and that she listens when she talks once and there is definitely improvement. She also said that because Megan’s birthday is so late in the year, some of the stuff they do should be more difficult for her, but not in Megan’s case, she is very bright especially with the maths part of the work. So yes I am very glad I had you there and I am very happy with the way Megan has improved in the past week.Ryan’s teacher said he is doing very very well with his ‘school work’ and that everyone wants to be friends with him.

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  • Mommy only speaks once

    After our home visit, the children were so well behaved I actually become bored because for the first time they played alone in their rooms. There was also no fighting. It has been a week since our home visit with you. Karin (3) is doing very well. This morning her dad said to Keagan (5) he must not touch Karin’s hat because she was going to moan and then she told him ‘Daddy, I don’t moan anymore.’ So there he got it from her own mouth. She still has her moments, but I am very strict on the time-out and she knows also that I only talk once. Even tells Keagan that he must listen because, ‘Mommy only speaks once.’

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  • Valuable experience

    We met Andalene some two years ago when we booked a home visit – we needed help with disciplining our (then) four-year-old. It was a valuable experience to have Andalene in our house and to actually see how she makes it happen – giving control (back) to the parents who somewhere down the line lost it (or who never had it). We also purchased her book ‘Raising Happy Healthy Children’. I would strongly recommend that parents (and grandparents!) buy this book!! Andalene’s methods work! But as a parent you need to be consistent and that is where we sometimes fail. Being able to revert back to her book is wonderful – almost like having her in our house again. It is easy to understand with lots of practical examples. I have read it more than once – especially Part 3: 2-4 Years. The book lies next to my bed – ready when I need it! It is two years later and my six-year- old will still pick up the book, look at Andalene’s picture and say to me: ‘That’s the lady that makes me be good.’ Thank you Andalene for helping so many parents! The next step will be to follow some of Sally Ann’s recipes. I guess we could all do with some healthy eating habits!

    – Jodi

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  • Touched my heart

    I finished reading your book for the first time two weeks ago, 13th June. It has been an amazing journey! How could I ever express my gratitude to you and Sally-Ann Creed for sacrificing your time to write such an invaluable book? The information in your book is so important for people to know, and we, as parents, fail to realize the value of such information and how parents affect/impact future generations. All I can say is ‘THANK YOU’ from the bottom of my heart!! The conclusion of the book really touched my heart and I am forever thankful to God for leading me to someone who is willing to help people like me (growing up ‘ill-informed’ as you stated in the conclusion and having limited tools and/or resorting to repeat what was demonstrated to us as children). I am now better equipped, through God’s abundant grace, to be a better parent and I finally understand what it means to have permission to parent.

    – Patsy

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  • I’m calm and in control

    Thank you Andalene, you have changed our lives forever. My children are so happy now and I’m calm and in control. You are amazing!

    – Ann

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  • My kiddies are awesome!

    All I know is that Super Granny is really a SUPER Granny! It has been a year since she visited us, and to this day, my kiddies are awesome! The thing that I appreciate the most, is that you as parent continually grow. Her input is an asset into the parenting-bank and I am drawing the dividends every single day! Thank you for all you have done for us, Andalene! Especially for me and my sanity.

    – Lee

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  • Atom bomb exploded in our house

    Dear Super Granny, 18 August 2011 A month ago you paid us a home visit in Port Elizabeth. On that evening it felt like an atom bomb exploded in our house, and in my heart!!! About 10 minutes into your visit, it was like a light that went on in my heart and mind: I’ve realized that my husband and I have allowed our kids to control us. We have not been strict enough (although we thought we were!). We did not have enough boundaries in place and could not understand why the kids were running over us with their gumboots. Thank you so much for opening our eyes and establishing it so clearly that we DO have the permission to parent our children. In short, my husband and I enjoy our kids more now, because they are more controlled. The rules in the house are clearly set out and all know what is expected. We have more boundaries in place and found that it makes us all more relaxed and happy!! Thanks again, Andalene. You were an answer to my prayers. We are far from perfect, but you have put us on the right track. I recommend a home-visit to all parents that feel that They’re just not in control of their kids. Blessings

    – Peter and Melanie, Port Elizabeth

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  • You’ve unleashed our little angel

    Dear Andalene I just wanted to thank you again for our session on Saturday; I have had two full nights’ sleep since then which in itself has literally been a life saver, I feel like I can take on the world!!!!!! You’ve unleashed our little angel!!!! Thank you again – we’ll see you in six months. Travel safe and take care. Kindest regards

    – Ruby

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  • Super Granny rocks!

    I cannot recommend Super Granny highly enough. I have three children, aged 9, 7 and 4 years old with two boys either side and my daughter in the middle. Life was hectic and crazy for us … I would get home from work and be on the ceiling within five minutes of getting home. The children constantly interrupted us and they shouted, bickered and argued ALL THE TIME! Super Granny come and did a home visit and the instant transformation in my kids was unbelievable. She only came to us on a Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday, the change in the children was already evident. It’s amazing. I have stopped shouting which in turn means so have they, The are calmer, happier, more loving – I could go on and on and on as I am astounded at how harmonious our household is – I love it, love it, love it. It is the best money I have EVER invested in my children, she’s given me my kids back and every day that goes by, I am grateful for the change. She seems to work miracles with the children and the parents and it’s the most liberating experience I have ever had. We now have wonderful happy family time with our children. She truly does give you permission to parent but in such an effective way that the children understand and respect. It’s sheer heaven! Super Granny rocks!

    – Pam, Dubai

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  • Peaceful and happy home

    Thank you so much for helping us achieve such a wonderful, peaceful and happy home. Sylvia has been a dream child and we have had only three time-outs since you left!!! Even her teachers at school have said what a superstar she has been. On Sunday we celebrated her second birthday. Not a single tear or tantrum, just a very happy and content child, loving being the centre of attention. We love you for this … thank you. Hope to see you again soon and please keep me updated on your next visit to the UK. Lots of love

    – Natasha, Mario and Sylvia

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  • Exceptional advice and amazing support

    Thanks to Andalene’s exceptional advice and amazing support, I was able to finally create a daytime routine with my son that worked. He has always struggled with his daytime sleep and I have struggled to get a routine with him that worked. Andalene helped me work through the best possible routine for him and offered plenty of advice and support along the way. Thank you once again. You provided wonderful support. He is such a treasure, it’s wonderful to be able to completely enjoy him without any struggles in the day.

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  • Life is just so, so much better now

    How Super Granny (Andalene) changed our lives!!! Well before Andalene came to our house for a home visit, it was hectic in our house. I have two children; my boy Liam is 1 ½ and my daughter Ankia 3 ½. Both very strong-willed children. My daughter has a mind of her own, eats, sleeps, baths on her time, not ours. She threw such bad tantrums that emotionally stressed me out, and come bedtime no one sleeps where they should … The 17th of January 2012, Andalene came to our house, we did not know what to expect … She came in and sat down, then it was time for dinner, and Anna refused to eat her rice … so it started … time-out time! And before we knew it she actually sat down and ate all her food!! Sleeping time came, and by just the next night we were well on track … My husband and myself did not know what to do when both children were in bed before 20:00, we are not used to it, it is a dream. The children are now much more relaxed in the night, no more fighting to do anything I tell them to do. Life is just so, so much better now that we are the parents again in the house and they are the children, and that they respect older people (especially their grandparents). Thank you Andalene, you changed our lives, you mean the world to us, and I will recommend you to all my friends with children.

    – Lynda

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  • I finished the whole book

    I read Andalene’s book until midnight last night and then I read most of today and I finished the whole book. My copy is now full of highlighted sections as well as stickers and stars at the most pertinent points (for me). Kind regards Lisa Wittstock (psychologist)

    – Lisa Wittstock (psychologist)

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  • Your visit has changed our lives

    Your visit has changed our lives! I am so grateful to you!!! I misjudged Lester (4) and what he was capable of, and it was all because of my lack of understanding how he needed boundaries to be set for him. We had heard it said many times over, but never knew what we were actually doing wrong – so your hands-on approach was the key. Thank you so much!!!! Thanks again! Warm regards

    – Katey

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  • I can recommend this phenomenal coach to every parent

    Andalene, I thought you would enjoy this: last night there was drama at bedtime and I lost it. (Yes, I know I shouldn’t.) It ended with me saying, ‘This weekend we are going to Kleinmond and next week when we are back, EVERYTHING is going to change!’ This morning (two years since you were here) five-year-old Milla said, ‘I think you should get that lady again to make us be good.’ My beautiful Andalene is called a super-granny, no one would know as she looks younger then the most 30-year-olds I know! What I do know is that she is truly a wonder woman of sorts. My reason as follows: My husband and I struggled for two months to get our toddler, who used to go to bed without any troubles, back to her room. If she is not afraid of ‘the black bird’ (which we later found out is our neighbours’ chimney that she can see from her window) she refuses that we leave her room before she falls asleep. If she does fall asleep, sleeping in her room will only last a few hours. At 01:00 almost every morning you will hear the pitter-patter of small feet coming into the room. Then in comes super Andalene. After only one home visit of two hours my child’s overall listening skills and sleeping pattern increased dramatically. Andalene’s technique actually just reminded me what I have forgotten so fast: If the child is disciplined in a balanced and rational fashion during the day, night time will be no problem. Bedtime is a joy for all of us. Now she can’t wait to sleep in her own bed after story time. And she sleeps there all night, from 20:00 to 06:30 sometimes 07:00. I can recommend this phenomenal coach to every parent!

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  • Our lives were just way out of control

    Our lives were just way out of control. I’ve been crying out silently to the Almighty for some peace and stability. And I’m finally starting to feel it. I had no idea what to expect from your visit. All I know is that I was extremely desperate and the testimonials sounded so convincing. I wondered whether you could turn my monster into a munchkin … amazing how God unfolds HIS plans … Everyone wanted to give their (sometimes unwelcome) opinion, ‘Oh, he’ll grow out of it,’ ‘Don’t worry, when the baby comes, he’ll grow up,’ ‘Maybe you’re shouting too much,’ ‘Maybe he needs a GOOD hiding,’ ‘Ag, that’s boys,’ ‘Don’t worry, you’re not the only one,’ ‘Let him spend one weekend with me, I’ll bring him right.’ But nobody knew the extent to which it was affecting me … physically and emotionally … and my ability to live a ‘normal’ life. I knew there was so much to be rectified. However, since your visit on the 1st Feb … everyone is much calmer and happier. It has brought us closer as a family. It is such a great feeling to be one step ahead instead of feeling ‘out of control’. Hubby and I actually have the time to focus on our marriage now. I am thoroughly enjoying my young boy’s company. I always knew he had such a great spirited personality but I was too busy shouting at him to appreciate it. I feel as if I am only NOW beginning to get to know him, I mean REALLY know him. Nobody said parenting would be easy. But I don’t feel as over-whelmed as before and I tackle each problem as it arises. I’m much more aware and conscientious as I go about my job of parenting. It’s hard work, but hubby and I saw instant results so we are motivated to maintain those results. May the Almighty reward & bless you abundantly. Hugs

    – Freda

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  • We have a beautiful healthy relationship now

    Having an extremely tiring job all I wanted on my days off was a peaceful and quiet day at home and I never got that with the constant whining and nagging and indiscipline. A single day at home was more tiring than an entire week at work. I knew I loved my four-year- old girl but I just could not enjoy our little time together. I was always angry with her not listening, and also felt like a bad mom for losing my temper and hitting her all the time for silly things. Well, you came like an answer to my prayer for a better relationship. Ever since you have visited us, which was a month ago, I have not raised my hand on my girl, or my voice. We have a beautiful healthy relationship now and we look forward to spending time every day. We have our own play dates and every moment is bliss. Friends and family members have seen how well-mannered she is now and are amazed. Thank you so much for transforming me into a munchkin. We love you

    – Chris

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  • Complete power shift

    Andalene: In one three-hour ‘family visit’, you succeeded in generating a complete power shift in the household from my three-year-old being in charge, to mom being in charge, with lasting results! Your pragmatic approach of observing the interaction between mother/daughter, and your honest feedback was invaluable. Please come back and visit us again soon! Much love to you both

    – Meryl (and Candice)

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  • I am eternally grateful

    Andalene, you have worked a miracle in our lives and for that, I am eternally grateful! Kind regards and a peaceful household!

    – Anette

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  • SA’s very own Supergranny

    For two years I have been battling to get my daughter, Cathy, to sleep through the night. Some nights I’ll be up with her anywhere up to 21 times! My husband has taken to sleeping in our guest room just so that he can function at work during the day and I am a complete wreck! Enter SA’s very own Supergranny!!! Andalene, I cannot believe how you have changed our (especially my) lives around in just three days!!! My two year-old terror was running the household and everyone was doing just as she wanted in order to keep the peace! She was dictating how the rest of the family lived. The very next night I had my first full night’s sleep in years! Cathy went to bed at 19:30 and woke only at 05:00 the following morning… after just following a few simple steps.

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  • He changed overnight

    After the session my strong-willed Samson listened when Mommy spoke. He changed overnight. He became more confident and se- cure because he now knew that my yes meant yes and no meant no. He still tests the boundaries every day but at least now I know when and how to pull in the reins of my lovely strong-willed child. – Luv

    – Andy

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  • I feel so empowered

    I was tempted to look for a full-time job because I dreaded having my children at home. But now I feel so empowered and I can finally enjoy my children!

    – Jane

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  • Immediate return on an investment

    I am a financial advisor and I have to advise people how to invest their money. But I could never guarantee an immediate return on an investment like you can.

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  • Magic

    Andalene came and worked her magic and left us with an angel.

    – Samantha, Dubai

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  • The sun is shining again

    It feels like we’ve been on holiday and can’t stop smiling, like the sun is shining again. Colleagues want to know what our secret is. It wasn’t fairy dust or a magic wand, just some firm guidance and support. We feel empowered, we are a Team.

    – Magda, Cape Town

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  • Time-out!

    I wanted to let you know how well we are doing and how thankful I am to have direction and your calm voice in my ear that says, ‘OK, put her in time-out.’ We have friends staying who very much need a ‘Super Granny’ intervention! And they might think I’m a meanie, but my two-year-olds stop when I say stop and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you mommy’. I desperately want to say GIVE YOUR BOYS A TIME-OUT FOR GOODNESS SAKE, they are DYING for some discipline, but let’s see, maybe they’ll ask what we do and why. So again, thanks, you are a quiet presence in my life every day. The one that says, ‘you’re the parent, you’re the one in control and you should expect great things from your little ones, now put them in time-out!’

    – Sherry, Dubai

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  • Answer to my prayer

    Hi Andalene … I apologize for taking this long to write to you about the wonderful experiences but I have truly been sitting back and enjoying every bit of my daughter. I remember, all I wanted was a peaceful home but all I got was whining and nagging. A single day at home was more tiring than an entire week at work. I love my four-year-old girl but I just could not enjoy our little time together. Well, you came like an answer to my prayer for a better relationship. Ever since you visited us it feels like every moment is bliss. Thank you so much for transforming me into a munchkin. We love you

    – Cami

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  • I followed the advice like a drill sergeant

    I am a young mom and had this idea of being a super-natural chilled-out earth mother – wow was I surprised – I didn’t get a super-natural chilled out package! My difficult little baby grew into a strong-willed little girl – and at two wasn’t communicating properly – which made her a frustrated handful and me a wreck – and then we added a new baby to the mix, turning our worlds upside down. For six months it felt like I had my head deep under the water … pretty much drowning most days. (Sleep deprivation – terrible two’s – and a new baby is not for the faint hearted.) At two-and-a-half she had her first set of grommets – I thought she would miraculously turn into a good girl now that she could hear us … well, well, well … It got to a point where I wouldn’t go out in public with my two- year-old … I was actually scared of her, she was so uncontrollable!!! I heard of super-granny coming to town for a talk and desperately wanted to go – but one parent didn’t like the idea of needing help … So I bought ‘Raising Happy Healthy Children’ – I took a week off to go stay with my mom (handed the kicking, screaming two-year- old over to her so I could figure things out). I studied the book like a bible, even taking notes and going back over it … we would be in the middle of a terrible tantrum and I’d run to get my notes so I could make sure I was doing time-out right – what a dork – but it worked!!! When I first read the advice I thought it was impossible … but as I got more desperate I slowly started making all the necessary changes. (The hardest part was me having to change and become more disciplined!!!) From sleep training to taking dummies away, I followed the advice like a drill sergeant. I had my mom and hubby both shouting, ‘Just give her the damn dummy back’ … and I’d replied – this lady said it only takes three nights!!! It took two! It’s up to us to make the changes – it’s up to us to stand up and be the grown up’s – stay consistent – Andalene gave me a backbone when it came to parenting!!!! I am now shoulder height out of the water and enjoying my two little girls – thanks – but I must be off as my little baby has now hit her Terrible Two’s and I need to go dig out my notes again – and re- read your book … wish me luck!

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  • Informative and useful

    ‘Informative and useful’ cannot begin to describe our experience with Andalene … Both my husband and I were WOWED by what we saw in front of our very own eyes tonight. I now fully understand where the name ‘Monsters to Munchkins’ comes from … I never thought there was anyone who knew my kids better than me, until I met Andalene. She sketched the picture of what the boys’ next move would be and time and again it played out exactly as she said! I’ve never won anything before and I’ll be okay if I never win anything ever again after the enormous reward our family received for entering this competition. THANKS to Andalene and Roy and the rest of the team for the great difference you make in so many homes. God bless,

    – Anile

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  • You have to be in control, calm and firm

    My daughter, Milah (5) and I had literally been fighting, verbally and physically, up to the day Andalene came to help me. My discipline had been in anger, to no effect, leaving Milah feeling rejected and unloved because she felt that ‘I didn’t like her’. Children need to show respect and accept authority, then discipline becomes easier. Let’s face it, you get a wide range of children. I like to compare them to Labradors and pit-bulls! Labradors accept leaders and authority with ease. Pit-bulls don’t. If you have a Labrador child, with loving guidance you can calmly get them to do what you want with minimal resistance. With pit-bull children it’s an endless struggle to establish authority. Now imagine a Labrador parent with a pit-bull child, and you have my daughter and me! When we feel powerless and out of control because we have no respect from the child or authority over the child, it just isn’t possible to discipline the child effectively. You cannot bring to submission a raging pit-bull with anger and aggression. You have to be in control, calm and firm. Andalene literally trained me to do this and I now feel in control of my child! She came into my home and enabled me to establish authority with the time-out method. No anger or shouting, just calm and firm authority. We literally broke in my child like a horse. It took two-and-a-half hours of raging and screaming in the bathroom at five-minute intervals. When Milah finally walked out she did as she was told with the correct attitude. Since this ‘event’ she has been in time-out again, but never for more than four repetitions, and she accepts that I am in charge. The change in her attitude is phenomenal! A wonderful mountain off my shoulders! The teachers have also reported that there is no more aggression at school. Thank you, Andalene!

    – Nadine

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  • Ek kan nie uitgepraat raak oor haar besoek nie!

    Ons wil net baie dankie sê vir Andalene – sy het ons regtig baie gehelp!! Na haar besoek Dinsdagaand is die kinders (Liam en Luca) sommer meer gehoorsaam. Luister as ons praat en eet eers hul groente/slaai en slaap ook in eie bed (die hele nag). Ek is sooo beindruk!

    Ek kan nie uitgepraat raak oor haar besoek nie en vertel vir al my vriendinne en familie.

    Mooi naweek vir julle!

    – Gretchen

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  • No more tantrums!

    Our munchkin is a different child! It’s so amazing that even her teacher noticed it the first day already.

    She went to bed by herself this evening – was very happy to do so – and no tantrums since Monday!

    She’s more pleasant and content. Thanks again!

    – Wendy Roman

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  • Sleep training – how lucky can you get?

    I was very discouraged and felt heart broken for my 8 month old baby who wasn’t sleeping and was constantly crying.

    When you walked in this afternoon and used your technique on Mika, she slept from 13h40-16h30. I thought to myself, this is probably just luck and when you leave I will be left with a crying baby once again, on my own.

    When she woke from her sleep, she was well rested and happy. She was not at all miserable, whiny or grumpy. From then on I followed the techniques, schedules and advice that you had given me. Since then things have really been looking up. By 18h50, I put Mika down to sleep and followed the technique you taught me. It wasn’t even a full 30 minutes later and she was fast asleep.

    You have given my husband and I new hope and something to look forward to again … a life. Thank you Professor Fourie for referring us to Andalene!! You are both life savers!

    – Mischa Visser

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  • Go to sleep – via email!

    My family and I live in Brisbane Australia and we have 3 children. Andalene has been just wonderful with helping us to sleep train our boys. Just by a couple of e-mails back and forth she put my children to sleep! Children that sleep results in happy and rested parents and that’s what she has given us, a happy home.

    – David, Shruti, Isaiah,Joshua & Hannah

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  • No fairy dust or magic wand!

    We have had sleepless nights for 8 and a half months. I still breastfeed my baby, but it was so draining. It was not only her dummy, but also her teddy, and it became a downward spiral, with all 3 of us sleep deprived.

    It wasn’t fairy dust or a magic wand (Oh I wish!), just some firm guidance and support.We now feel far more empowered as parents..and it feels like we’re a team again…like we were for the 10 years of marriage before we were blessed with our darling baby girl.

    – Mercia and Gustav Puchert

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  • My child eats just about anything!

    Andalene helped us out with Kayden’s routine from birth and we saw nothing but excellent results. He slept through for the 1st time at 6 weeks of age (10pm- 6am).

    We have subsequently asked advice concerning his discipline and his diet. Andalene suggested he tastes everything at least once before he eats what he likes. He now eats just about anything, sourcrout, celery, pickled onions, fish or spinach. I believe Andalene’s advice has given him and us a head start in life.

    – Andrew Linekar

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  • Confident and happy twins

    Andalene came to our home when our twins were about 19 months old. I was exhausted and they were terrors. They wouldn’t stay in bed, they wouldn’t sleep in the night, they wouldn’t listen to me, they bit each other, the pulled all the keys off my laptop (to list a few things…)

    Not only did Andalene give us the tools to put us back in the driver’s seat, she showed us how much MORE we could expect from our children. How much more capable they were then we had realised and how much they thrive on boundaries, consistency and discipline done in a calm and controlled environment.

    They are now confident, happy children that listen to me, eat and sleep well, play alone, play together and are a pleasure to be with. They have their moments still, but I know what to do and I KNOW we have peace in our home because of Super Granny.

    – Kaitee Holbrook

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  • Super Granny totally transformed our family!

    My husband and I were at our wits end. We were just exhausted. We both work and our baby was waking up countless times a night.

    Andalene came in and totally transformed our family

    She gave us advice on everything from schedule to food. She demonstrated to us exactly how to sleep train our girl, exactly what to listen for and when to do what! After that we felt in control and were able to implement this method with confidence.

    In 3 days we had a baby that slept for 11 hours at night!

    Thank you so, so much Andalene, I really don’t have words to express my gratitude for what you’ve done for our family!

    – Aurita – Dubai

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  • She was like a magician!

    When I contacted Andalene I was in a state of desperation. Arran was 2 years old and we were exhausted. Being first time parents hadn’t quite worked out as simple and easy as all the books or movies showed. Sleepless nights, anxiety, constant battles…We had tried everything… or so we thought. Until we met Andalene.

    She arrived at our home and was like a magician… She had our and Arrans full attention from the minute she walked in. Arran was oppositional, difficult and extremely emotional most of the time. Our time out methods had been unsuccessful until Andalene guided us and showed us how to handle the discipline methods.

    Our biggest lesson that we learnt was to be consistent. It was tough, but it worked! My hubby calls Andalene the “kiddy whisperer” We are truly grateful for everything that Andalene taught us.

    – Lauren Rademeyer

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