I wanted to let you know how well we are doing and how thankful I am to have direction and your calm voice in my ear that says, ‘OK, put her in time-out.’
We have friends staying who very much need a ‘Super Granny’ intervention! And they might think I’m a meanie, but my two-year-olds stop when I say stop and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you mommy’.
I desperately want to say GIVE YOUR BOYS A TIME-OUT FOR GOODNESS SAKE, they are DYING for some discipline, but let’s see, maybe they’ll ask what we do and why.
So again, thanks, you are a quiet presence in my life every day.
The one that says, ‘you’re the parent, you’re the one in control and you should expect great things from your little ones, now put them in time-out!’

– Sherry, Dubai

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