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Are you a busy parent? You can now become an empowered parent in the privacy of your own home (and in your own time) with the help of international parenting coach Andalene Salvesen (aka Super Granny), author of a Brand New Child in 5 Easy Steps and co-author of Raising Happy Healthy Children.

Dr James Dobson says God gave you a child for 12 years to learn to love him before he turns into a teenager.

Well, there are a few things one can do to stay connected with your teenager. It is important to recognize the changes not only in their bodies, but also in their needs as they grow. They need to be treated as miniature adults and with the same respect you would like to receive. The best way to bond with your teenager is to have fun.

Wisdom chooses now what it will be satisfied with later on.” Joyce Meyer
Many adults do not realize that an adolescent’s FRONTAL LOBE is only fully developed somewhere between 18 and 25 years of age. They are not yet capable of making totally wise decisions. Their ability to reason is not fully developed. When alcohol is abused, that same part of the brain is affected, which is why they think they are capable of driving when everyone around them can see they are not. So when your teenager looks at you as if you are from mars, visualize a huge “L” on his forehead and say to yourself “Frontal lobe – underdeveloped.”

Notes to the Parent

Your child needs you more than you can imagine.

Maintain a sense of humour and do not take it personally. It is only a wrong choice THEY are making; it is not about you.

Story time

Parents as role models

By the time your children reach teenage years, you should have spent enough time planting seeds into their brain. We all want children to see things our way. However, there comes a time where they need to break away, find out what they believe and then make their beliefs their own.

When dealing with young teenagers in my home visits, I invite them to a round table discussion. I often start with comments like, “What do you wish you could change in this house?” and mostly I hear, “My parents shouting/fighting”. How sad.

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