Notes to the Parent

Your child needs you more than you can imagine.

Maintain a sense of humour and do not take it personally. It is only a wrong choice THEY are making; it is not about you.

Story time

Parents as role models

By the time your children reach teenage years, you should have spent enough time planting seeds into their brain. We all want children to see things our way. However, there comes a time where they need to break away, find out what they believe and then make their beliefs their own.

When dealing with young teenagers in my home visits, I invite them to a round table discussion. I often start with comments like, “What do you wish you could change in this house?” and mostly I hear, “My parents shouting/fighting”. How sad.

Nutrition Knock-Ons

In my 8 years experience of doing home visits (which has earned me the title of ‘Super Granny’) I have seem many families with problems like sleeping, eating and tantrums.

I have a two-fold approach: Discipline and diet!

My child was hit at play school today. They should expel that child!’

‘Julie has uncontrollable tantrums! We often don’t even know what kicks her off. Sometimes they can last for 1 hour.’

‘We have never been able to feed Ben any vegetables. All he wants to eat is yoghurt. He makes himself sick if we force him to try.’

Consider character traits like, integrity, honesty, punctuality, good manners, and patience. Don’t we all want our children to grow up having these characteristics?

Playdough: Ingredients

  • quarter cup salt
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 4 table spoons of cream of tartar
  • 2 table spoons oil


  1. Mix the salt and water together on a stove on medium heat in a heavy bottom pot.
  2. Take off the stove when it reaches boiling point and mix in the 2 cups of flour and cream of tartar.
  3. Mix well till it forms a ball in the centre of the hot pot, then throw it out on the table and knead with you hands.
  4. You can split into smaller balls and colour separately with a few drops of food colouring (essence optional).
  5. Cool and wrap in cling wrap and store in fridge.

Have fun!

How many times have you stood staring into your fridge or pantry cupboard wondering what to give your babies or young toddlers to snack on or eat as finger foods that is healthy but also won’t make them choke?

My twins had the chewing motion mastered quite well by 10 months, but didn’t start sprouting their molars until they were 18 months. And so, I had to get creative…

I was 32 weeks pregnant and everything was going smoothly. I just loved being pregnant. As usual I woke up at 3am to go to the loo. I noticed that my underwear was a bit wet, but in my half asleep state I just cursed the incontinence that I had been warned may come with pregnancy. After all, I had been doing my Kegels religiously!

Every person has a parenting style that is influenced partly by their personality and partly by the parenting (or lack of parenting) they experienced. Most people either decide to parent the way they were parented or to adapt the exact opposite. Their frame of reference is from what they have experienced and neither styles are necessarily correct.
People will attend courses for many aspects in life they want to perfect, but seem to expect parenting to come naturally.
Here are the 5 parenting styles necessary to survive parenthood:

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