Confident and happy twins

Andalene came to our home when our twins were about 19 months old. I was exhausted and they were terrors. They wouldn’t stay in bed, they wouldn’t sleep in the night, they wouldn’t listen to me, they bit each other, the pulled all the keys off my laptop (to list a few things…)

Not only did Andalene give us the tools to put us back in the driver’s seat, she showed us how much MORE we could expect from our children. How much more capable they were then we had realised and how much they thrive on boundaries, consistency and discipline done in a calm and controlled environment.

They are now confident, happy children that listen to me, eat and sleep well, play alone, play together and are a pleasure to be with. They have their moments still, but I know what to do and I KNOW we have peace in our home because of Super Granny.

– Kaitee Holbrook

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