She was like a magician!

When I contacted Andalene I was in a state of desperation. Arran was 2 years old and we were exhausted. Being first time parents hadn’t quite worked out as simple and easy as all the books or movies showed. Sleepless nights, anxiety, constant battles…We had tried everything… or so we thought. Until we met Andalene.

She arrived at our home and was like a magician… She had our and Arrans full attention from the minute she walked in. Arran was oppositional, difficult and extremely emotional most of the time. Our time out methods had been unsuccessful until Andalene guided us and showed us how to handle the discipline methods.

Our biggest lesson that we learnt was to be consistent. It was tough, but it worked! My hubby calls Andalene the “kiddy whisperer” We are truly grateful for everything that Andalene taught us.

– Lauren Rademeyer

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