Every parent wants their children to be happy and healthy. But how do you find the balance between encouraging your kids to know what they want, while still respecting what’s important to you as a parent?

Welcome to Munchkins! You have just stumbled upon a powerful resource to assist you with every step, first tooth, tantrum and sleepless night on this wonderful journey we call parenting! Our children can present some interesting challenges, but also offer life’s greatest rewards.

If you are looking to ease the stress on your relationships and just enjoy your children, Munchkins offers you all the tools you need.

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What parents are saying about Munchkins

Our world was put right!

Our world was put right!

“Big On Children’s Super Granny (Andalene Salvasen) is the Founder/Owner of Munchkins and the person who comes to your home to help you learn how to manage your family situation better.   She can respond to a specific crisis or...

Not only surprised and satisfied…

Not only surprised and satisfied…

“Words are not enough to thank Andalene! Such a beautiful gift she owns, wonderful job!!! She became very special for us! Super Granny came last weekend! I knew it that we’d be surprised and satisfied….but not only that, we’re so...

It works every time!

It works every time!

I book a home visit with Andalene every time she is in Dubai – it is a must!  There is always something that has happened that I need help with. My son looks forward to ‘Super Granny’ coming now...

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