What does a follow-up consult entail?

The follow-up consultations are used when a home visit has already been done within 10 months after the the foundation consultation or previous follow-up consultation. The children don’t necessarily have to be present for this. It is recommended that a follow-consultation be booked every 6 months for maintenance rather than wait too long and end up with disaster management. This can be done in person or online.

Common parenting challenges we can help you with:

  • A follow-up to all the topics covered in the foundation consultation
  • Providing practical tools to tackle new challenges that have arisen at the child/ren’s new age and stage.


South Africa
R1490 (1-2 hours)
Dubai or Al Ain
AED 1000 (1-2 hours)
US$200 (1-2 hours)

*Travel fees for home visits/hourly consults may apply, depending on where you are based.
*Cancellation of consultations must be within 48 hours or a late cancellation fee of 25% may be charged.
*Please contact us if you require special payment terms or if you have any resulting queries.