What does a Foundation Consultation entail?

A foundation consultation is usually in the form of a home visit, but can also take place online for those outside the areas of consultation. It is approximately 3 hours long and is fully comprehensive. Children must be present for the entire duration or at least the last hour of it. It is preferable that both parents (and/or any other primary caregivers) attend so that everyone can be on the same page. A qualified Munchkins Parenting Coach will come to your home and engage with you in your normal home environment in order to assist and guide you with the dynamics in the areas that are of concern to you in your family. After the foundation consultation, you are unlikely to need another consultation for another 4-8 months when your children reach their next age and stage. Occasionally a single 30-60min top-up consultation may be needed (R745), but usually a single foundation consultation is enough to cover it all.

Common parenting challenges we can help you with:

  • Not listening
  • Age-appropriate boundaries and discipline strategies
  • Tantrums
  • Fussy eating and diet-related problems
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Sleep challenges (9 months+ will require a 3 hour home visit)
  • Introducing baby signing
  • Bad attitude towards parents, home work, chores etc.
  • Moaning/whining
  • Establishing routine
  • Guidance in and understanding of differences in temperaments and love languages
  • Early detection of possible problem areas that may benefit from a referral to a health professional, eg. Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Differing opinions between parents on appropriate parenting styles
  • Together with all the issues related to the specific uniqueness and needs of each family

We work with parents of children of all ages. From newborn babies through to teenagers, offering tailor-made interventions for each stage, temperament and circumstance. Your family unit is unique and should be treated accordingly.


South Africa

R2 100 (approximately 3 hours) as a home visit or online


AED 1500 per 3 hour home visit


US$300 for a 3 hour virtual home visit
(and its equivalent internationally)

*Travel fees for consultations may apply, depending on where you are based.
*Cancellation of home visits must be within 48 hours or a late cancellation fee of 25% may be charged.
*Please contact us if you require special payment terms or if you have any resulting queries.