Book Dr Lené Janse van Rensburg (Dubai), Celeste Rushby (Cape Town, South Africa), Charmaine Brooks (Boland, South Africa) or Timann Esterhuizen (Alphen aan Den Rijn, Netherlands) to speak at your next event on any one, or a combination of the following topics:

The Juggling Act

Work, the kids, your spouse, friends, errands, housework, exercise, me-time… Are you finding it impossible to juggle it all? Learn practical tools to juggling life without dropping the ball.

Evolving your parenting strategies

The levels of moral development and effectively transitioning your parenting style for each age and stage.

A Brand-New Child in 5 Easy Steps

Five simple steps – that is all it takes to regain loving authority and peace in your home.

Parenting without anger

Taming the Mom-ster and the Dad-beast for peaceful, effective discipline.

Healthy sleep habits from the start

Establish healthy sleep habits in the first few weeks so that you’ll have a baby that loves sleep as much as you do.

Baby signing

From 9/10 months your baby is babbling beautifully but can’t communicate their needs effectively so the moaning and whining begins. Baby signing helps your baby communicate effectively with a smile on his/her face to bridge the gap to language.

Shaping the Will without Breaking the Spirit

There are appropriate times for consequences, but using discipline incorrectly can have lasting negative effects. This talk is about disciplining effectively to shape the will without breaking the spirit

Peace in the Home

Step by step troubleshooting for when parenting curve balls come your way.

Sibling Rivalry

Understanding what causes sibling rivalry and teaching children to take ownership for their behaviour.

Bullies, Bullied and Bystanders

There are huge differences between guilt and shame. One is constructive while the other is destructive. Our children need to learn empathy for others so that they do not become bullies, or bully others.

Healthy Lunchboxes

Recognising the hidden sugars and preservatives. Alternatives to bread, yoghurt and 2 minute noodles. Click here, for more information on hosting a practical demonstration at your house with your friends.

Grandparents and In-laws

Healthy boundaries. Alternatives to spoiling with sweets. Who does the disciplining?

Healthy Boundaries

When to say yes, how to say no and stick to it. What is within my power to change and which behaviours do I have to accept?


‘The calm before the storm’. The part that brain development plays and effective discipline tools for this age.


Understanding this tumultuous time of life. How to set appropriate boundaries and give appropriate (and much needed) freedom.

Stranger Danger

This topic is all so relevant today. Gain tactical advice on how to keep your children safe and equip them to think on their feet when there is no-one around.

Single Parenting

Boundaries and discipline – different homes, different rules? Playing the role of mom and dad…

Multiple Births

Multiples come with their own unique set of dynamics. How do you foster the development of their individuality while still nurturing their bond.


Understanding uniqueness. A fun interactive session where you find out about your own temperaments and understanding those of others.

Permission to Parent

What every parents needs to know about good parenting.

The Birds and the Bees

Is 4 years too early or 8 years too late? How and when do I handle this complex question?

Building Self-Confident Children

Puffed up or built up? What is the difference between praise and encouragement? Different personalities portray lack of confidence in different ways.

Different Parenting Styles

Playing good cop, bad cop with your partner in this whirlwind called parenting? What is the solution? This talk is for you if you desire to learn how to work together as parents.

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