Need some sleep?

Munchkins Parenting coaches offer both sleep coaching and sleep training to help baby enjoy long naps and peaceful nights.

Sleep coaching used at 4-12 weeks old (best introduced at 4-8 weeks). It is a gentle, hands-on, no-crying method that works beautifully to help establish healthy sleep habits from the start so that baby loves sleep as much as you do. Occasionally this method can be used successfully between 12 and 16 weeks but not likely after that.

Sleep training is used from 6 months up. Our methods do not involve drugging your baby or removing the mother from the house because she is perceived as too weak to deal with the process. We believe babies needs to have their mother’s calming support during periods of big change.

Children that are 10 months and older will have a foundation consultation that includes sleep management because at this age, parents are ready to learn many other valuable parenting tools too, such as baby signing.


South Africa
R1490 (up to 2 hours)
AED 1000 (up to 2 hours)
US$200 (up to 2 hours online)

*Cancellation of appointments must be within 48 hours or a late cancellation fee of 25% may be charged.
*Please contact us if you require special payment terms or if you have any resulting queries.