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Ways of making a child feel entitled:

  • Buy him everything he wants.„„
  • Make sure both siblings have everything exactly the same.„„
  • Be sure to respond to ‘It’s not fair!’ by giving in or equalising the „„ situation.
  • Buy everyone presents on birthdays.„„
  • Have a ‘Whatever I do for the one, I MUST do for the other one’ „„ mentality.
  • Buy ’things’ to replace spending time together.„„ Give in to whining/pleading/nagging/tantrums.„„
  • Show your child you feel guilty.„„
  • Allow your child to manipulate you.„„
  • Manipulate your child instead of disciplining him.„„

How is entitlement portrayed at different ages?

How is gratefulness portrayed at different ages?

The following are the genuine needs that should be satisfied by parents at each stage:

(For more on boundaries: Boundaries with Kids by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. See references, page 305.)

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