Parenting Coach, Occupational Therapist & Speaker, Cape Town.

Celeste Rushby has been with the Munchkins team since 2010 and heads up our amazing coaching team. Her experience as an occupational therapist and mother of three (a singleton and twins, who were all born prematurely, at 30 and 32 weeks respectively) has played a key role in her many successes as a parenting coach and trusted mentor to parents. Her repertoire also includes specialised training in neurodevelopmental supportive care of high-risk infants (with the primary focus on premature babies).

Says Celeste: “I understand. I’ve been there! I am using my experience, my specialised training, and my heart for parents to support, guide and educate; and above all, to empower. There is light at the end of the tunnel. A bright and incredibly beautiful light. And I just love helping parents to find it.”

Celeste’s eldest daughter – now aged 10 – and 7-year old twins (boy and girl) have helped her to learn how to put theories about parenting into realistic practice every day.

”Having 3 children in under 3 years comes with its challenges, but when you have the right parenting tools, there are a lot more fun times than challenging ones. With these practical tools, you can change your family status from “surviving” to “thriving”.

I realise that you cannot compare your challenges to those of others, and you can never judge others until you’ve walked in their shoes. Things don’t always work out “by the book” because our precious babies aren’t robots, but there are very helpful tools that can help you to get through the challenges with confidence and a smile. And I feel so privileged to be able to empower parents with them.”