Parenting Coach, Dubai & Al-Ain

Dr Lené Janse van Rensburg is a registered counsellor specialising in Play Therapy. She has had the privilege of working with children and families for more than a decade. This has served as motivation for the completion of her Masters’ and PhD degrees in Psychology.

Lené has worked as a therapist in the United Kingdom (where she also met her hubby), Taiwan and South Africa and is well-versed in working with families of all cultures and facets of life. She and her family currently reside in the UAE (Dubai).

Being a mother of two beautiful blue-eyed boys has taught me more than any of my studies ever did! Parenting is HARD. The struggle is real! We go on computer courses and cooking courses, but it is so hard to ask for help when we struggle with the most daunting task called parenting. Since my involvement with Munchkins and implementing the values and principles in my own house, my view on parenting completely changed. What an absolute JOY parenting can be!

Obtaining the title of “mom” or “dad” is SUCH a blessing and should, therefore, be enjoyed to the fullest. Life is so short! Hence, my passion to assist families to function optimally. For parents to ENJOY their time with their children, for marriages to be revived and for the GIFT of parenthood to be unwrapped. Yes, it can happen!”