Will you be reading this E-book on a PC or Mac?

  1. Download the Freda App for Windows here or download Calibre for Mac here.
  2. Then open the e-book in the app that you downloaded in Step 1.

Will you be reading this E-Book on an iPhone, iPad or Android device?

  1. Download the “Aldiko Book Reader” from the Google Play Store for android or “Marvin 3” for Apple.
  2. For the iPhone or iPad – make sure you have iTunes on your PC. You can download it here. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC and click on your iPhone or iPad. Select “File Sharing” on the left. Search for the “Marvin3”and click “Add” at the bottom right to add the book.
  3. For Android Users – Download the eBook to your mobile device via your email account. Open Aldiko and go to import ebooks. The app will scan for available Ebooks and import them for you. You need to then simply tap a book cover to begin reading.

Needing some assistance with setting up the eBook?

Send us an email and we would be happy to provide assistance.