Princess Carriage Chart


A re-useable chart to motivate your child to work on behaviours they struggle with. Rewards should not be edible but rather something special to do with a parent or with the family that they don’t get to do for “free” (like painting nails, baking together, a wood-work project, an art kit etc)

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Munchkins Incentive Charts (Ages 3 – 12): Catch me being good!

Your purchase includes:

  • An A3 sized incentive chart in your chosen design
  • A die-cut (mover icon to use on your chart)
  • An instruction sheet

The purpose of this chart is to focus on positive behaviour and then reward it!

Before you start, discuss the kind of rewards that would appeal to your child’s temperament and age. Let your child proceed along the path towards the end according to his/her behaviours. YOU determine how many at a time (forward OR backward). The chart has 2 places for smaller rewards and then ultimately the final goal! Make sure that they reach the end quite quickly the first time, and then make it more of a challenge the next time.

Each time they start the chart, it can be for a different behaviour that needs to change. Make the rewards more in the line of quality time together as opposed to sweet treats or toys, for e.g. building a puzzle together, extra story time, baking together, board games, crafts, or perhaps a special family outing!

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