We have found Supermom!

Ok, we’ll admit it… We just used that headline to catch your attention, because we know all moms out there are trying to be that elusive ‘‘Supermom’’. More often than not, striving towards this type of perfection, actually just sees us ending up with ‘‘miserable cow syndrome’’ – which is a title no woman, wife, […]


Book review: Raising Happy, Healthy Children

Review by Ellie Salkeld, Events Organiser and Book Reviewer for TwinsPlus Arabia. This book: Raising Happy, Healthy Children, by Sallie-Ann Creed (a clinical nutritionist) and Andalene Salvesen (Super Granny) is much more than a guide to time-outs (although if you’re looking for Super Granny’s secret method to installing obedience into your kids in one three-hour […]


Super Granny Reflects on Turning 60!

In light of Andalene’s upcoming 60th birthday, we asked her to reminisce a bit about the Munchkins journey to date and what the future holds: What have been the highlights of the past 5 years? “On a personal note, definitely having another 3 grandchildren added to the existing 6! And on the business side, it […]

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