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Here are some lovely holiday ideas from my wonderful daughter in-law Geneva: “I find the kids need to know what they can expect of me in long holidays. I make them tokens. For example: 2 X TV slots, 3X games with mom, 2 X book tokens, maybe a baking token or a craft token. This way the kids can hand me the token when they want to do something-the rest of the time they must entertain themselves (and not drive me crazy asking to do things all day long). Also, during days off from school, I give them extra chores-after which they really seem to enjoy their play time more. This is a great cure for boredom!”

Travel Charts

Draw a square with four smiley faces in it for every hour you will be travelling. Break the trip down into 15 minute segments.

For each 15 minutes they are nice to each other or entertain themselves, they receive a gold star on the smiley face (or just a tick).

For every star, they receive, (for instance), 25c to spend on holiday. If they get ALL four in that one hour, you give them a bonus (a few cents extra)

The benefits:

  • They receive encouragement every 12 minutes.
  • They have an obtainable goal.
  • They don’t need to keep asking, “Are we there yet?”
  • They have their own hard-earned money to spend on holiday!

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