Meet the Munchkins Team

Brought together by passion, our coaches undergo training and a carefully constructed mentorship programme so that you can experience peace in the home. Our courses are based on the research of contributing researcher, Dr JM Mostert, Professor of Community Psychology, Evangel University.

Andalene Salvesen – AKA Supergranny

Andalene Salvesen

Founder of Munchkins, international speaker, author and parenting coach

Mother of four and proud grandmother of 10, Andalene Salvesen has fondly become known as Super Granny under the auspices of the Munchkins brand.

Her extensive expertise, stemming from being a stay-at-home mom, with an unparalleled passion for children, and later owning and heading up a mother & child workshop for 12 years, and a nursery school in Cape Town for 8 years, inspired her to combine her practical knowledge and valuable experience to help desperate parents. In conjunction with a Professor in Psychology and many qualified mentors, she proceeded to develop a parenting course, which she has now been presenting for the past 20 years. This course addresses a host of everyday parenting challenges. Never expecting it to take to flight so successfully, her popular parenting talks, naturally proceeded to evolve into a personal service that includes private home visits to families with one-on-one attention given to their particular needs.

For the past 11 years, she has helped families by coaching them through issues such as, but not limited to: tantrums; sleeping; eating and discipline problems; as well as healthy boundaries; understanding unique temperaments; and many more related parenting challenges. Having a twin sister as well as a daughter who birthed three premmies (a singleton born at 32 weeks and twins born at 30 weeks), also gives her special insight and empathy into the unique challenges faced by parents with twins and premmies.

Andalene works extensively in the United Arab Emirates as a consultant to Big On Children and is known as Big on Children’s Super Granny whenever her feet touches ground.

Andalene’s other credentials include:

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Celeste Rushby

Celeste Rushby

Parenting Coach & Occupational Therapist – Cape Town

Celeste Rushby is an Occupational Therapist, a Munchkins Parenting Coach, and a mother to 3 premmies (singleton born at 32 weeks and twins born at 30 weeks). Says Celeste, “I understand. I’ve been there! I am using my experience, my specialised training, and my heart for parents of young babies – especially premmies – to support, guide and educate; and above all, to empower. There is light at the end of the tunnel. A bright and incredibly beautiful light. And I just love helping parents to find it.”

Celeste’s eldest daughter – now aged 7 – and 4-year old twins (boy and girl) have helped her learn to put the parenting theories into practice on a daily basis. ”Having 3 children in under 3 years comes with its challenges, but when you have the right parenting tools, there are a lot more fun times than challenging ones. With these practical tools, you can change your family status from “surviving” to “thriving”.

The biggest lessons of my journey with my babies were in humility – learning to admit that I need help – and empathy! I realised that you cannot compare your challenges to those of others, and you can never judge others until you’ve walked in their shoes. Things don’t always work out “by the book” because our precious babies aren’t robots. But there are very helpful tools that can help you to get through the challenges with confidence and a smile. Your baby is only a baby for such a brief moment in life. I want you to help you enjoy every minute of it.”


Janine Thetard


Janine Thetard

Parenting coach, specialising in families with special needs – Cape Town

Janine Thetard specialises in assisting parents with both typical and children with special needs. Janine is a mother of three incredible boys:- Joshua, Caleb(11) and Daniel(7). Her first born, Joshua, passed away and gave her the gift of courage! He struggled with Autism and Epilepsy daily, and the challenges he faced and endured, led Janine to a start a legacy called “Victory Kids” – an Early Intervention Center for children with Special Needs. Caleb taught her about grace and faithfulness, making the most of the quiets in the storms of life. Daniel has shown her how passion, energy, and that a good laugh can “save the day”.


Charmaine Brooks


Charmaine Brooks

Parenting Coach, Cape Town

Currently residing in Somerset West with her fun and nature loving, outgoing family which includes her hubby and two beautiful children (a son, aged 9 and a daughter, aged 6), Charmaine Brooks has a passion for families, parenting and marriages. After using Munchkins methods and advice to parent her own children, she could see how it resulted in an amazing relationship with her kids, and so her passion for the subject drove her to complete the relevant training to become a qualified Munchkins Parenting Coach.

Her personal experience includes running a moms group for several years and heading up her local congregation’s children’s church. It is her dream to equip parents in order to raise healthy, happy and Godly children in a very defective world (and to have FUN while doing it)! She lives for every day and one of her favourite sayings is to “stop counting the days, rather make every day count!”



Liezl Wienand


Liezl Wienand

Parenting Coach, experience in adoption and cross cultural families – Johannesburg

Liezl, along with her husband and two children, live in Johannesburg. She is mommy to Amo and Gabriel. While Gabriel arrived through conventional methods, Amo came via a cross-cultural adoption. Both are equally loved and have a special place in her family. Liezl has been a school teacher, with experience in pre-primary, primary and high school, for the last 10 years. Dealing with a diverse range of children and family circumstances have highlighted how many families are struggling and need support. Liezl is passionate about seeing family relationships being restored and helping parents foster joy and peace in their homes.


Zandrie Coetzee


Zandrie Coetzee

Accounts and Administrator – Cape Town

Zandrie joined the Munchkins team in March 2018, and she’s very excited to be part of the Munchkins family. Contact Zandrie for any queries or bookings in South Africa. | +27 81 7728 339



Lyndall Jucker

Lyndall Jucker

Dubai Client Relations and Bookings

Lyndall is passionate about marketing & communications and we are very happy to have her as part of the Munchkins team. She is a South African National with a Honors Degree in Biokinetics and a Digital Marketing Diploma. Lyndall has a passion for sport especially surfing, Yoga and Pilates. She has 5 Years of Marketing experience within the GCC across the retail and Agency sectors. Please feel welcome to contact Lyndall regarding any Dubai related queries.

Annelie Fouche

Annelie Fouché

Munchkins Account Manager: Digital Marketing & Social Media

As an Associate with EB Consulting, Annelie is responsible for the day-to-day running of Munchkins concerning social media, as well as website updates, monthly newsletters, PR and other marketing-related activities. At home she is wife to Francois and mother to two beautiful boys and enjoys reading up and staying abreast of the latest trends in parenting.