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Please pass on my immense gratitude and thanks to Andalene. She is an angel on earth. I have my 7 year old daughter sleeping in her own bed, falling asleep on her own on the first try. I didn’t think I was capable – never mind her! I will certainly book more regularly. Thank you also for setting up the (Skype) appointment so seamlessly.

– Tracy

“I just want to say thank you. THANK YOU, so much for your help with Elizabeth! It is like she is a different child altogether. Before our session I was starting to dread leaving the house with her for fear of tantrums and her running away from me. She now knows exactly where the boundaries are and she and our family are much happier! Your guidance on breaking the thumb sucking habit has been fantastic. She has stopped sucking her thumb within a couple of days. Thank you for all the tools you equipped me with. Your passion for transforming lives are so evident in all that you do.”

– Annemarie Roberts

THANK YOU! Your visit to our home a month ago has left a lasting impression. Brandon has made a drastic change. Finally I have a solid 3-4 weeks of no bad reports. In fact his teacher personally told me how proud she was of him. At home we are having the same experience with a great turn around. He has taken to the new “time out” wonderfully. He goes without complaint and remains on the toilet until time is up. We have made changes to his diet (all of ours actually) like you suggested and now it’s been easier to do consistently. No wheat, dairy and very limited sugar (We love using Honey as our sugar substitute!). Joshua is eating his food, overall, much better and loves asparagus! Time-outs can be a bit trying but are few and far between… he is pretty easy still.

Your hand signal to not interrupt has worked magic! They get it right away and it has worked since you used it. It has created a level of respect too. Also getting them ready for the day when they wake up instead of before we leave the house has also made my mornings much smoother and hectic free. Who knew such a simple change could make such a big impact?

Andalene, thank you for your visit which was genuinely from your heart. I will always be grateful and it will never be taken for granted. We have revamped our refrigerator and pantry with better options which has also led to me losing 7 pounds from the change!

Sincerely your fan!

– Leandra

“Andalene was my last port of call when I needed help with my 10 year old, who after some problems at school had become angry and aggressive at home.

I so wish I had known about Andalene earlier, the three hours she spent with us were invaluable not only for my 10 year old but our other two children too, me and my husband felt like a weight had been lifted immediately. We regained calm in our home after just one visit. Andalene has also given me continued support via email and lots more information over the phone when she called to follow up after her visit.

While it has been quite hard work removing all of the bad habits we had slipped into and implementing new house rules, we are seeing the benefits each day now. All of our children seem calmer, happier. Long may it last! Thank you Andalene!”

– Elaine

“Thanks again for sharing Super Granny while she was here in Arizona! She was a HUGE blessing to me and to our family. I know we will be reaping the fruits of her time here for a long time.”

– Nika

Just a big thank you from us – it was lovely meeting with Andalene. Her approach is extremely natural – as parents we tend to want to protect our kids from anything that is foreign and does not sit comfortable with us. But Andalene’s advice is practical, it is “soft” on the kids (whilst being hugely effective) and easy to accept (by parents and kids) and to implement. Looking forward to meeting with her again once we are faced with the challenges of a new age group!

– Annelene Dippenaar

“Just wanted to say many thanks for your help the other day. From that day on wards Pixie (20 months) has never refused the high chair and has tried lots of new foods and eaten breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with enthusiasm!!!! What a life changer. Pixie is notably happier/ less ‘whingey’ throughout the day and so am I for that matter! It feels like the first time I’ve actually enjoyed being a parent, if I’m honest. Thank you again.”

– Philipa

“I felt like Super Granny had cast a spell on my house and it would eventually wear off. But it just keeps getting better. The boys are still themselves in every possible way – but better behaved, calmer, and actually a lot happier. And most notably, they have slept through the night for 4 nights since she visited. Incredible.”

– Louise

’We were pleased to welcome Super Granny into our home. She made us feel at ease and relaxed regarding the session with our son. Super Granny showed us how to effectively use tools which hadn’t worked previously for us. She took into consideration the needs and dynamics of our family. We have put into practice what was recommended during the session and it has made a huge impact with our son.

He has the confidence to try a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables which we always struggled with, actively listens and has let go of his night pacifier. This has made a huge difference for us as a family and our little boy who is growing up to be both happier & healthier. Thank you!’’

– Pete, Sam, Arthur & Ana Heredia

“I wanted you to know how much I appreciated Super Granny’s talk on Eating, Sleeping and Tantrum problems. I am a first-time mom and having heard her advice has reassured me that I am actually a good mom. I always have this thing in my head that I am a “bad mom” for clipping my son’s nails the wrong way, to giving him rashes due to my love of yoghurt (yes, I am breastfeeding). With Super Granny, I felt empowered that I can do this ‘’mom thing’’ for sure! So I really hope to hear more from her!’’

– Quelly Bailey

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