A modern teen and a screen go hand in hand (quite literally, if you consider how their smart phones are glued to their palms). While this phenomenon is a natural product of the digital age, it is also very unnatural on many levels.

Review by Ellie Salkeld, Events Organiser and Book Reviewer for TwinsPlus Arabia.

This book: Raising Happy, Healthy Children, by Sallie-Ann Creed (a clinical nutritionist) and Andalene Salvesen (Super Granny) is much more than a guide to time-outs (although if you’re looking for Super Granny’s secret method to installing obedience into your kids in one three-hour visit, it IS here). I think reading this before you book your private home visit is almost a must: if you violently disagree then you will save some money. And if you agree with all of it then you can begin practicing some new habits before Andalene comes over and save some time!

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Are you a busy parent? You can now become an empowered parent in the privacy of your own home (and in your own time) with the help of international parenting coach Andalene Salvesen (aka Super Granny), author of a Brand New Child in 5 Easy Steps and co-author of Raising Happy Healthy Children.

Article as featured in TimeOut Dubai I March 2015 Edition (page 57)

Big on Children’s, Super Granny, Andalene Salvesen travels the world as a speaker and parenting coach. She is a mother of four and a proud grandmother of nine. She is the author of the book “A Brand New Child in 5 Easy Steps”, as well as co-author of “Raising Happy, Healthy Children”.

I will never forget the elation of my last day of school. Never again would I have to dread going back to the classroom after a long summer holiday! After 12 long years, I felt like William Wallace (Braveheart), shouting F- R-E-E-D-O-M at the top of my lungs!